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Wed 11/17/2004

Thanks to everyone who wrote me about my hat. I'm going to go to the MTA lost and found tomorrow at Penn station after work. So who knows? If I don't find it there, I probably never will...

In better news, I am DONE working at the Barcode factory. Yeah, my temp agent called me on Friday to let me know that I'd be working for MARTHA STEWART for the next couple of weeks. It's for her magazine "living" and it's already 1,000 times better than my last job. The people are way younger and nicer and the office is REALLY cool (a gigantic converted warehouse with TONS of space and lots of windows looking out on the Hudson River and the city). Plus I have a 1.6 GHz G5 running OS X (droool).

So far I have put together a bunch of really nice fake christmas trees (something I wholly support) and I've unpacked, organized and inventoried a BUNCH of christmas crap. I guess I'll be there until they get the holiday issue out the door and then they'll kick my ass to the curb.

The OTHER thing I wanted to announce is that I'm gearing up to do my FOURTH (!?!) 24 hour comic. Yep, that's right--I swore to myself I'd do one a year for the rest of my life and 2004 is quickly coming to a close, so it seemed like the time to get crazy! So from 12:01am to 11:59pm on November 20th I'm going to attempt to write and draw a 24 page Comic. So if everyone could make a mental note for that day I would appreciate it (ie: no phone calls please). You'll see the results here... wish me luck!

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