Friday: Back on Track!

Fri 11/10/2006

I would say this has been a long week, but ALL of my weeks seem to be long this semester! I came home this afternoon and passed out for a bit. When I woke up I spent like TWO HOURS online. My internet connection was down for most of last week, so it felt good to get caught up on email and people's blogs (and movie trailers!) I even wasted some time screwing around with my long-neglected MySpace profile (!?)

I try to take it pretty easy on Friday nights, as it is really my only space for downtime this semester. I try and relax so I can wake up early Saturday and get a full day of productivity in. Tonight, I decided to do my LAUNDRY, which is totally amazing, right?

Usually I try to do it early Saturday or Sunday, to beat the crowd at the Laundromat. I figured no one would be there since it was Friday night, but it was actually MORE packed than I had ever seen it. Whoops! It was like three or four hispanic families (my neighborhood is mostly hispanic) and this sort of hush fell over them and I saw some smiles drop off of faces... It's like, "Hello, I am your friendly gentrification agent for this evening!" Uggggh.

But whatever, gringo or not, I had dirty clothes to clean! I put them in the washer and then started working on carving some plates for my ongoing (top secret) printmaking project. There were some kids running around yelling and laughing and one of the little girls came up to watch me "draw" (carve). She started asking me all these questions in Spanish and all I could say was "No ablo Espanyole" which made her giggle. Then her brother came over and started translating for her.

They sat down and started asking me all these questions about drawing and art school and if I was married and why I had a beard and how old I was and what my favorite color was and if I had a dog, etc. etc. etc. All the other kids came over (5 total?) and chirped in with their own questions too. It was pretty funny. I started showing them how printmaking works and I asked them if they liked to draw and a few of them did, so I passed out some scrap paper and pencils and pens and stuff from my backpack and we all sat and drew together! It was pretty awesome.

I looked up at one point and all the parents were smiling over at me, like they were thankful to have some peace and quite. It was almost like I was the babysitter for the laundromat! It was so fun hanging out with kids. It made me miss teaching a lot. They drew bugs and flowers and rabbits.

Anyways, feeling pretty great, I headed home with my clean clothes and then dove into my much overdue site updates. I put up TEN new class assignments and projects with commentary over in the Pratt 3 Illustration section and also put up the placeholder for PHASE 7 #011 which is finally in production!

It feels good to be working on a new issue again, but hard that it's not Basewood. It's really testing my patience taking this year-long break from Basewood. I keep drawing characters from the story or background inking tests in my sketchbook and it makes me so anxious to get back to work on it. Ah well... Hopefully if I can stay focused, by the time school wraps up I will be back working on it, never to stop again until it is complete!

Nicole rolled through town this week which was pretty cool. I kind of always thought she HATED me, but I guess she's over it because we were like old friends for this visit! She gave me one of her new 2007 Invincible Summer Calanders which totally RULES.

Aaron's back home in Wisconsin for the next two weeks which would normally be kind of a bummer but luckily the GCB is going to be staying with me this week on an extended visit to New York! I'm sure adventures will soon be afoot!

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placeholder shmaceholder! i like that cover a lot... but maybe i'm biased?

jp Nov13

I just meant "Placeholder" in that you can't read an excerpt or buy the comic yet. That will definitely be the cover!

And don't worry JP. There is a full explanation in the issue giving you full props for creating the image of me riding the giant turtle!

Alec Nov13

just found your site through MK Reed's!

I really dig your work...I loved reading about the role your relatives had in supporting (however reluctantly) your comic passion. I have about 15 pogo books sitting on my shelf, passed down from family.


Eric Nov14

Thank YOU Eric! I'm glad you enjoyed some of my Comics (POGO RULES!!!)

Yeah, I should probably make a real blog entry, but MK Reed started a blog about Comics Artist's materials and asked me to contribute.

So if you've ever wanted to know what I draw with, go check out my entry

Alec Nov14

oh my gosh, that is SO cute about the laundromat kiddos. every time i'm home my little cousins want to do art projects with me now. some things really make life rewarding. =)

heidi Nov15

if i actually hated as many people as (they) think i do, i would truly be a gnarled old witch with a blackened heart of coal!
i like you all the time, alec, from Zine Symposium meetings to Mei Dick photos.

n.g. Nov27

Aw, thanks Nicole. I think maybe I was just in AWE of your zinesterness at first (too cool for school!) so my own nervousness turned into assumed hatred. Oh, and there was also that time you called me out in front of that whole crowd of people at your ABC No Rio reading. "Oh no! She hates me for sure!" I thought. Luckily everything is all cool now. Friends! Woo!

Alec Nov27

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GCB in the NYC
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Internet? We don't need no stinkin' internet!
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