GCB in the NYC

Sun 11/19/2006

Well Gabe was here in New York this whole past week. It was really great hanging out with him, though also a little exhausting! We ate out a bunch, watched movies, went to bars, played video games, told stories, wandered around and once and for all fixed my internet connection. It was all good fun, but trying to add that stuff in on top of my already crazy schedule meant losing quite a bit of sleep. Luckily most of my assignments were in thumbnail stages this week, plus I've got a nice long Thanksgiving break to recover and catch up.

My parents offered to fly me home for Thanksgiving, but I opted out. I'd rather have an extra two days to get caught up on homework and my other countless projects than sitting on a plane traveling back and forth across the country. Tom called me today and offered to let me come have Thanksgiving with him and Sara, which was REALLY nice, so I'm all set! Hopefully it'll be a mellow yet productive break. I just have to make it through Tuesday...

I have other stuff I want to say, but I guess I'm going to save it for other posts. My blog feels like it has gotten so weird in the last year... I feel like it's not FUN to read anymore... But what do I know? (not much!) I better get back to work...

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I dunno- I use the blog pretty much to keep up with your goings on. I liked it when there were more reviews, but hey, those take time to write!

Matt Nov19

LOVE that teddy bear--- was she or he from your childhood days???

i know how busy you've been with school, so i'm holding off on e-mailing until your winter break starts (:)>

stephanie Nov20

Yeah, that's "Freddie" who I've had as long as I've been alive. I am busy, but I'm still checking my email! :P Thanks for the consideration though!

Alec Nov20

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