CCS Holiday Sale and Auction!

Wed 11/22/2006

Mark your calendars! The Center For Cartoon Studies is having a GIANT Holiday Sale and Auction on Saturday, December 9th from 1-4pm. They are going to have signings, the CCS Sketch Factory (!) and an auction for original art, signed comic books and graphic novels and all kinds of other awesome stuff.

My minor contribution is this drawing of Argus and Dog which will be thrown into the mix, along with chapters 1 and 2 of Basewood. So if you're in the area, show up to have fun, pick up some unique holiday gifts and help raise some funds for CCS!

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i think i'll be doing some drawings in that sketch factory. should be awesome!!

jp Nov23

Thanks for the plug buddy.

robyn Nov23

Hey Alec, I just got back and read your entry... I'm sorry... but does this entry imply that you're donating the artwork from the first two chapters of Basewood? I keep reading it... thinking that I'm reading it wrong.

acorn reindeer Nov24

Aaron - NO. I have donated the above drawing and one COPY each of the COMIC BOOKS of Basewood Chapters 1 and 2. Original art for Basewood will not go on sale until the entire story has been collected into a single volume, and even then I'm not exactly sure if I'll want to sell it all. A lot of my life will have passed sitting in front of those pages...

Alec Nov24

Holy Crap! A giant list of the available auction items has gone up on the CCS Auction Page. There is a TON of awesome stuff, including some items available through eBay so everyone should check it out!

Alec Dec03

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