Heading into finals...

Sun 11/26/2006

I tried to wait as long as I could to write this blog entry, with the hope that I would be in a better mood when I finally did so, but no luck. I am in a foul mood. I've BEEN in a foul mood for the last couple of days.

I didn't get as much done over this break as I had hoped to. I know that's just how it usually goes, but it's still kind of bumming me out. It's been a rough semester and this last stretch isn't going to be any easier. There are only TWO WEEKS left before final critiques and I have a LOT of giant projects to complete within that time. I've been saying all semester "if I can just make it to winter break I'll be okay" and now that it's just around the corner I want it to get here NOW. Ah well, I just have to tough it out, right?

I've also been stressing out about what I'm going to do AFTER I'm done with school, which is now only 6 months away. I had a long conversation with my parents about it which literally made me lose a night's sleep: lying in the dark thinking, "What the hell am I going to DO???"

I mean sure, I'd like to do illustration work! But making that a viable means of supporting myself still seems a few years off. The more likely scenerio involves getting another day-job and then trying to get freelance work on the side (so then I'll have to lead a TRIPLE life--day job, illustrator, comics artist--ugh!)

Also, I'm getting more than a little bit burned out on New York. Don't get me wrong--it's been a great experience for me living here and especially going to school here, but when I think about all the expenses I'm going to have to cover once I graduate (STUDENT... LOANS...) the additional expenses of living in New York seems like too much to handle.

There are a couple of different options spreading out in front of me, but a lot of things that are still out of my control need to either fall into place or fall through before I'll know what I'm doing... I will say that the thought of moving again makes me want to puke. My NINTH move in five years? Awesome...

Anyways, all that's a ways off. For now it's back into the fray! Wish me luck!!!

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All I can say is don't worry about it. Seriously. Things will fall into place one way or another, and you'll figure shit out as you go. New York does seem like a good place to be to pick up on illustration work, tho, and the dayjob usually pays enough to get by, no? As far as comics, I can't say anything positive there, because I never find time to do them as a freelance workaholic. (However my new office/studio is proving to do exactly what I need: separate work from home, so the time away from the OFFICE is non-computer time, which means more drawing/comics output.)

Anyway, don't stress it. Everybody's got student loans (or credit card bills), it's what makes us American. haha! *kaff* *sob*

Nate Nov26

Thanks for the calming words Nate. I'm glad to hear that your new studio space is working out. It looks totally awesome and that's RAD if it's letting you get more drawing done!

Alec Nov26

*Sends you love*

Matt Nov26

I have SO been there Alec. If things get desperate, you can always check out doing graphics in the NY garment center like I did. I know a lot of cartoonists who do that as their steady gig. Its pretty easy to get work(stupid work, but work nonetheless). I wouldn't recommend it though---stay away as long as you can... It took me 10 years to pay off my student loans and stuff. Just in time to get married and have a kid ;-) I am very sure things are going to go your way...

Cam Nov28

you have a real talent for teaching and your enthusiasm is infectious--- i would glady pay good $$ to take a comics class taught by you :-)) since you also seem to really love children maybe another option might be to teach art class for a grade school???

stephanie Nov28

Or maybe CCS needs a teacher...

Matt Nov28

all i can say is i'm almost 40 and i'm still in college and don't really know what i'm going to do either...i'll be graduating with an ma in literature and i plan to teach but i don't know...i keep hearing horror stories about people in the field not being able to find work...i'd really like to try and earn a living with art, but...you know....
the bottomline is you'll do what you'll do...usually it works out in the end whether you like it or n0t, just try to maintain your sanity in the meantime...

jason Dec02

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