Minus the Dash

Sun 12/3/2006

Well, believe it or not, I've registered my third domain name (The previous two being THIS site and DVzine.org). "What could this mysterious third domain be?" you ask! Get ready for a laugh:


Yeah... it's the exact same URL I already have only "minus the dash." Back when I registered THIS site (in 1999?) I thought "Ugh! It's too hard to read my name with it all jumbled together, so I'll put a dash in there." Over the years though, I began to notice that it is a pretty common convention for personal sites to just be the person's name run together.

For a while I thought about taking this site and switching it to the "minus the dash" URL, but then there is the problem of changing my email address too (which is printed in literally THOUSANDS of comic books and on hundreds of business cards which I've handed out). So instead I just set it up as a secondary site.

Believe it or not, the current implementation of THIS site has ballooned to almost 900 pages of content (???!) much of which is fairly personal, or... just kind of silly or sloppy or WHATEVER. The point is, this site seems a little TOO "in-depth" to send to an illustration client, so the new site will be a simple, streamlined Illustration portfolio.

This is all following in the footsteps (and with the help of) Nate who set up natebeaty.com a while ago as an illustration portfolio site to send people to instead of his sprawling brainfag.com site.

Of course I don't really have TIME to work on this site since I am still going completely nuts with school, trying to wrap up this "semester from hell." I've got a design roughed out though and I'm going to try and get it up and running over my winter break. Hopefully the site will help me present a more professional front to prospective clients upon my graduation, which is fast approaching! Gotta try and hit the ground running...

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Ha, obviously I don't have time either to work on my own "pro portfolio" site. I registered natebeaty.com ages ago and still haven't made it past the "coming soon" promise.

nate Dec03

Most webmail has a feature where you can have mail forwarded from one domaon to another- like say any mail going to doodle@beep.com would go to doodle@jook.com.

Matt Dec04

Matt - True! I actually have all the mail from this site forwarding to a Gmail account (so much easier to keep track of everything, plus the spam filter is better than my webmail!) I mostly meant that I didn't want to get RID of the old site (and thus my access to the email address) and REPLACE it with the new one. Instead I just have MORE webspace. Mwaa haa haaaa!

Alec Dec04

Ah. Good job then!

Matt Dec04

next up: phase7comics.com

jp Dec04

It looks like the Russians have claimed basewood.com .

greg Dec04

Darn those Russians! ;)

JP--I was seriously considering p7comics.com as another domain. I can imagine in a few more years all of the available issues and content won't exactly fit on the single page this site has to offer. A whole P7 site might be pretty cool.

For now I'm going to work on maintaining THIS site, the new one and DVzine.org (which I haven't touched in MONTHS) ACK!

Alec Dec04

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