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Sat 12/9/2006

Aaron's new site has finally gone LIVE!!! It's still missing some content but the design is there and it's looking pretty sweet! It will definitely be one to bookmark as it looks like Aaron will be sneaking some secret suprises into the site from time to time (Beluga's Blog???!!!)

And since I'm being a hypocritical jerk, I should include a link to Matt's cool new site (since I didn't blog about it when he emailed me to please plug it after he finished it--sorry Matt!)

Also Jackee's finally got her new site up and running, along with her blog which has been transferred to her new domain. I guess when I blogged about this earlier I didn't know what the hell I was talking about.

ALSO, Ezra has set up a new site for his Loaded Blanks greeting card venture. The idea is to have a one page comic on a card, but with no text in the speech bubbles or captions, so the person buying the card can make up the dialogue! I drew one of the cards, which was a lot of fun and there are tons of other really amazing artists involved too!

And of course what roundup of links would be complete without a mention of Nate, who helped make two of the above mentioned sites? (as well as this one!) Besides being an industrious website-building robot, Nate is also a super-awesome illustrator whom everyone should hire!!!

Okay, I'm starting to feel sick from all of this shameless promotion. There are talented, creative people behind all of these links! That's what really matters...

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Alec Plugs me AND Aaron has a new website?

It's be-ginning to feel a-lot like Christ-mas...

Matt Dec10

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