24 hr Comic #4: "Scars"

Sun 11/21/2004

It's DONE!!! GO HERE!!!

This was definitely the hardest 24-hour Comic I've ever done. I think maybe I was a little cocky going into it. Thinking, "I've done this THREE times already!" But yeah...god. It is REALLY hard.

So some stats: It took me from 12:00am to 11:57pm and I only did 21 pages and a cover (!!!) Yup that's right. I FAILED! The original challenge was to do a 24 page comic in 24 hours. So technically "Scars" is a "Gaiman Variation" 24-hour comic since I stopped at 24 hours but did not have 24 pages. Scott McCloud calls it a "noble failure" which I'm fine with. Especially since I told all of the story I wanted to!

I should also add that the original intention of the 24 hour comic was to IMPROVISE a comic from start to finish. I've done that in all of my 24 hour comics, but only the first one was 100%. With the last three I have decided on a "theme" beforehand. No planning is allowed and I never wrote anything down, or even allowed myself to THINK about the comic beforehand, but I did come up with an idea to focus on for the Comic. 2002 was about my dreams, 2003 was about colors and 2004 is about my scars.

I drew this only using my #2 (.60) rapidograph (which I had to refill 6 times) and a Bic white-out pen. The originals are 7" x 11" and are intended to be reduced at 75% and printed at "digest" minicomic size (which I hope to do in early 2005!).

The experience itself was INSANE. I was feeling really sick in the few hours leading up to the start and as a result I ate NOTHING for 24 hours. The combination of STRESS, lack of sleep and lack of food made for pretty tiring conditions. Also, I was just really pushing myself to get a lot of Comics on the page. With a 4-row layout my pages were taking anywhere from 55-75 minutes. I took NO BREAKS WHATSOEVER except to run down the hall, use the bathroom and then run back to my drafting table. My back did really well (almost no pain!) but my WRIST is still killing me as I type this.

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