Drowning my worries

Sun 1/28/2007

Ugggh. (or Muggggh?) Sunday night always seems like the perfect time to write a blog entry. It's as though it will help me get some closure on the week and get ready to start the new one. But now that it comes to it, I'm not sure I have the energy... I was going to draw this picture of my favorite mug, but I ran out of time, and besides my wrist hurts from drawing almost non-stop all weekend.

I was also going to write this whole long thing about how I have had one cup of tea each night for the last week. And it's been nice. I think it might be a new "thing" for me (at least while the weather is cold...) I've been reading a lot of Roald Dahl books for one of my illustration classes and each time the (British) characters observe Tea Time, it seemed like more and more of a good idea.

You know: drink something warm, calm down, think a little. Tea is good.

Anyways, I've been stressing out a lot lately, worrying about the future; trying to figure out what to do with myself after I graduate from Pratt in May. And after some hard thinking this weekend, I now know that I need to stick it out in New York for another year.

I had applied for the fellowship at the Center For Cartoon Studies, but I wrote James Sturm last night and asked him to take me out of the running. If I had been lucky enough to get it, I know I wouldn't have been able to cut it financially up there. So instead I'm going to tough it out here for another year, work my ass off, hopefully save up some money and try again next year.

It's a little sad, because I have been getting pretty burned out on New York, but somehow, just having a plan and knowing that I DON'T have to move again feels pretty good right now. Besides, New York is a pretty amazing place, so I should enjoy it while I'm here!

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I've been unwinding with a cup of tea at night for years. Earl Grey with honey to sweeten man.

WAM Jan29

Sweet. We get you for at least another year!

jim Jan29

Earl Grey with honey is my drink too! I have this special German honey for it too. It's like real-life Winnie the pooh honey, thick, opaque, and light yellow.

Matt Jan29

I like me some Earl Grey too, but I can't drink anything with caffeine after about noon or I'll be up all night!

Jim, yes! More hanging out! And you have to help me convince Gabe to move out here too.

Alec Jan29

Aww man! It makes me really sad hearing this. I was really hoping you would make it up this way next year.


jp Jan30

Yeah JP, me too. I too had hopes of us maybe hanging out all next year... :( Hopefully I will still get to be involved with the school, lecturing and maybe doing some summer workshops again.

You've not seen the last of me, JP Coovert!

Alec Jan30

I have a cup of tea every night too. Something my British and Scottish Grandmothers got me started on... I used to have a beer or a scotch, but that often just led to trouble.
Well I'm glad you're not giving up on CCS. I think a guy with your enthusiasm and spirit would be a huge benefit to that place.
I've been feeling nostalgic for NY recently, so yeah "enjoy it while you're there."

Cam Jan30

decaf ; )

WAM Jan30

green tea with unpolished rice...
kicks ass...i drink it everyday on top of a cup or two of cafe verona...

jason Jan30

I, for one, will continue to relish in the virtue of caffeinated beverages. AL, you destroyed your tolerance as a youth with all that Mountain Dew, and now you're paying the price....

Tuttle Feb01


I'm excited that you've been reading Roald Dahl. I did a project on Quentin Blake for my children's lit class last semester and was blown away by his work. I guess you're probably focusing a lot on that amazingly productive collaboration. Also, have you read Clown? It's a wordless book by QB and I LOVE it!

Ellie Feb02

Tuttle- yeah, jeez. Let's just hope all that Mountain Dew didn't make me STERILE.

Ellie- Yeah! I'm proposing a series of illustrations of four Roald Dahl book covers for my editorial class. They are the best books EVER! Quentin Blake is definitely one of my favorite illustrators. It will be hard to come up with something original for these and not be too influenced by his excellent work!

Alec Feb02

I've been using these great reusable tea bags for loose leaf tea. You could probably find them at Whole Foods or similar coop type store.

I can appreciate your weariness with living in a big city, but I have to agree with you that sticking around for another year is a good idea.

Hang in there!

Dan Feb02

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