Best Valentine's Day EVER!

Wed 2/14/2007

Don't get me wrong, I still completely disagree with the whole IDEA of Valentine's Day. You only have to spend one Valentine's Day single and broken-hearted to hate the "holiday" for the rest of your life. But instead of my annual "Bah Humbug" message I have the following rad things to report from today:

1) We finally had our first, real snow in New York today. It is fun to wade through the snow drifts and to be bundled up against the cold. It finally feels like winter!

2) Aaron and I taught a two-hour comics workshop at the Little Red School House this morning. The students were middle schoolers and the comics were AWESOME! We did some 4-panel jam comics (in 5 groups: Zombies, Vegtables, Outer Space, Rock & Roll and Dinosaurs) and another Connect the Plot adventure, involving Beverly the Bird, Doug the Dog and Samson the Magical Snake (pictured above). It was intense, as we only had two hours, but the students really rose to the challenge and turned out a great story!

3) Then, tonight I went and saw Robert and Aline Crumb speak at the New York Public Library. I thought when I saw Crumb speak previously, it might be the last time I'd get to see him, but Aline just came out with a new book, so he interviewed her in front of the crowd. (They were also on Fresh Air recently, if you want to hear what they talked about!) It was pretty cool to hear them speak. They both have led some seriously crazy lives!

4) I always forget to mention it, but Valentine's was also the day when Weezer had their first band practice in 1992. So happy 15th birthday Weezer!!!

All in all, a pretty good day, Valentine's or not!

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Oh wow, my neighbor Vinnie teaches karate at Little Red I think. That's so cool. I like that "move to the moon with Naruto" plot hahaha... can I guess the kids were really into MANGA? That seems to be a running theme with the kids I encounter in the afterschool group I've been teaching. It's amazing what kids can come up with. Once I met a 9 year old boy who drew an almost full length comic called "Ninja 9" about the adventures of a 9 year old ninja. It was pretty much the greatest comic I've ever seen.

Liz Feb15 are great. Glad you had a good day.

Arlene Feb15

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