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Sun 2/18/2007

I've been getting some awesome mail lately, including this radical drawing by my friend Greg (aka Clutch McBastard, the mastermind behind Tugboat Press). I owe A LOT of letters right now, as I have been going through my stack of Comics that people sent me out of the blue (a new, but exciting development). I am so busy these days with school though, I might not get to them until Spring Break. :( Thank you everyone who has written to me!

Greg and I will be tabling together at MoCCA this summer and at SPX next fall. I put those, and some other exciting comics things I will be doing this year over on the comics page.

Other than that, I'm not sure what to say... It was a really long week, with not much sleep. It seems like I have so many projects going on, whenever I get downtime, or I finish something, I just switch to something else instead of taking a break. It makes me really appreciate the breaks I DO take...

I am tired a lot, but again, it seems like a GOOD kind of tired. I feel like I am doing really good work, staying on top of things, hanging out with cool people and taking advantage of some of the amazing things New York has to offer. I'd rather live a full life and be tired than be unproductive and well rested!

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Woo! Workaholics! I myself am guilty of working constantly until I become too tired to move. I was thinking of getting tattoos of cybernetic/robotic arms (similar to a Terminator skeleton) on the insides of my wrists because I feel like such a MACHINE (in a good way). And when I take breaks I feel like I really *earned* them. Plus I have something to show for it at the end of the day in the form of pages and pages of COMICS! (... and the odd illustration.)

Liz Feb19

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