Mr. T!!!

Thu 12/2/2004

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Tom Taylor!!! He pities the fool!!! YEAH!!!

Okay, so this is my friend Tom. For Halloween I cut his hair into a Mowhawk and then he got all tricked out and went to work as Mr. T. He teaches high school physics at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx (Can you imagine if your High School Physics Teacher was this cool??) Anyways, it totally goes without saying that Tom got the "Best Teacher Costume" award for 2004.

As if all of that wasn't proof enough that Tom is a stand-up guy, he also MADE the clothes he is wearing here, in JoEllen Cuthbertson's costuming class! (Anyone remember my JEDI ROBES???)

So anyways, I just got this awesome picture and had to share it with everyone...

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