R.I.P. Red Rapidograph

Thu 2/22/2007

I was in line at the art supply store on Tuesday night when I looked to my left and saw a red, #2 .60mm rapidograph on the rack. I grabbed it, hung my head in shame and almost burst into tears right there in the store.

I bought a red, #2 .60mm rapidograph about seven years ago and it has been one of my most constantly used drawing tools. I have filled FOUR ENTIRE SKETCHBOOKS with that pen, and lettered HUNDREDS of pages of Comics with it. In a lot of ways it feels like one of my closest Comics friends...

But lately, my rapidograph has been crapping out on me more and more. And not in the normal way... Rapidographs are kind of a pain. Most people hate to use them because the only way to keep them in good order is to draw with them EVERY day and to clean them often (no small ordeal).

But no matter how often I clean it, or replace the ink, or flush out the individual parts, my old pen keeps clogging and won't draw a steady line. I think I must have used it on the wrong surface a couple of times (I remember drawing on canvas, thinking, "this is a bad idea").

I had somehow convinced myself that if you took care of your rapidograph, it would last forever. But I guess it's just another case of me building up unrealistic expectations for something and trying to stick to them despite the results (though this time it was merely an inanimate object, instead of another person, or MYSELF, right Gabe? ;)

Anyways, I didn't use the new pen until last night, when my old trusty Rapidograph, finally clogged up for its final time. It was a sad little moment.

BUT, I gotta say, using a brand new Rapidograph is like heaven on earth! It's making me remember why I love rapidographs in the first place. Oh, the line! It's so even and smooth and dark. So do yourself a favor: Replace that blade in your exacto, sharpen your pencil, swap out for a fresh nib, or break in a new brush. There is nothing quite like using a brand new tool!

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you know alec, i think i will swap out for a fresh nib... if that means what i think it does...

grizzo Feb22

Seven years with the same pen is pretty good! I don't know if I have anything that I've used almost every day for that long...

fetjuel Feb23

Ah man. They sure are a pain. I was thinking of getting a new Rotring because they reportedly don't clog, but no one seems to have any at the moment.

Arlene Feb23

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