Still Crazy After All These Years

Fri 2/23/2007

Today at school, I traded glasses with my friend Kala, to see how bad her eye sight is. I tried them on (Kala is almost BLIND!) and got a couple of laughs, because I guess I looked pretty silly in her frames. Then Kala tried on mine...

And the minute my lenseless glasses landed on the bridge of her nose, Kala jumped up out of her seat and started kicking at the air and saying stuff like, "Dragons versus Wolves!!!" and "This is going to be SUPER AWESOME!" and then she started poking people and slow-motion karate chopping them and stuff like that. She ended by doing a little tap dance, with no discernable rhythm.

In short: a frighteningly accurate impression of ME.

This got some HUGE laughs and made me blush pretty hard. I mean, I know that I do all of those things (CONSTANTLY) but seeing someone else do them made them seem really crazy. Like, "Do I really DO that stuff?" and then, "Yes... yes, I do." Ah well, I'd rather be a little crazy and keep everyone laughing than be some boring quiet person.

I'm so glad this week is over. I'm getting pretty burned out on this semester. I can't wait for SPRING BREAK in like two weeks. It will be nice to have some time off, though I've already got a healthy stack of projects to tackle... Part of me wants to just spend the whole break cutting cardboard and writing letters. But I've got more exciting stuff than that planned too... Anyways, I'll at least be able to get some more SLEEP!

P.S. Papercutter #4 is out!!!

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That's a pretty flattering for an impression. When people impersonate me, they always slip into the flattest, most nasal monotine possible and go "nun nuh nuh, I'm Matt Bernier. Look at me, I use big words, Let me tell you about cooking. ", and I'm all like "Go eat a bag of dicks, asshole."

Matt Feb23

Yeah...impersonations never end well. And that's what I told the judge, too.

Asher Feb24

Spring makes for some super awesome sleeping weather. :D

Arlene Feb24

Alec, a day without a skillfully excuted karate chop, or SUPER AWESOME tapdancing would be no day at all...if you don't believe me just ask the wolves and the dragons :)

Kala Feb25

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