Working Weekend

Sun 2/25/2007

I set aside an hour last night just to draw in my sketchbook and then I took an hour this morning to clean up my studio space. It really made me feel more sane. Organized thoughts, organized space. Except now all I want to do is draw in my sketchbook...

I got a lot done this weekend, even with my one major break on Saturday, going to the New York City Comic-Con. Charlie was able to sneak me in with an extra badge and then I hung out for a few hours, which was fun.

The show was HUGE. It's been a while since I went to a for-reals comic convention with super hero stuff and everything. It was a little overwhelming, though it was cool when the guy in the Boba Fett costume stepped on my foot by accident and then said "Sorry" with a correctly synthesized voice. (sweet!)

After wandering around for a bit, I pretty much stayed behind the table. I was able to sell some books (money for ISR!), do some sketches and meet some of the many Indie Spinner Rack listeners. Also, I got to talk to a couple of publishers, who seemed interested in collecting some Phase 7 stuff into books at some point down the road. One was Liz's French Publisher and the other was newcomer to the scene, Secret Acres. If only I had something done that was worth collecting into a book! Ah well, maybe someday...

Anyways, thanks to everyone who swung by to say hello and if you missed out, swing by MoCCA this summer where I'll be tabling with Tugboat Press!

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Good thing it wasn't Jabba The Hut who stood on your foot. Ouch!

Arlene Feb26

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