No Kidding, I have been sick this whole time

Wed 3/21/2007

Hello world, I am still alive! Like the title says, I have been sick as a dog these past FIVE DAYS. Uggggh!

Every time I thought I was feeling better I kept getting sick again. On Monday I dragged myself to school, which ended up being a HORRIBLE idea. I finally left class with a boiling fever, a pounding headache and my nose turned on like a spigot! I was able to make it to the drug store and the market, to load up on medicine and liquids, but it was not a fun night...

Then, Tuesday morning, I STILL didn't feel better, so I decided to NOT go to school... which was kind of a big deal for me. My mom called me that day and we agreed that it was proabably the first time I had taken a personal "sick day" from school or work in about 15 years. (!!?!)

Anyways, I'm finally feeling better now and after five days being cooped up in my cave I was so glad to get out last night and get some fresh air. So, uh... I guess NOW I'm ready to start finishing off this semester!

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Hope you feel better, Alec! As hard as it is to take time off, it DOES tend to help in the recovery process. Just don't spend the recoup time fretting about not working. You're working, really; it's just that you're working on getting better so that you can make more art, rather than working on the art directly.
Hope you feel better!

Chris S. Mar22

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