The Ball Is Rolling?

Sun 3/25/2007

UM... so on Wednesday I'm going to be substitute teaching Nick Bertozzi's Principles of Cartooning class at The School of Visual Arts.

You know... SVA! Arguably the best art school in New York City? The one that has been teaching Comics as an art form since 1947? The place where Will Eisner and Art Spiegelman taught for years and years? Yeah, that one. I'M going to teach a class there.


So how did this come about??? I could say "networking" but I think it's more fun to say: "through making some awesome FRIENDS!" A few weeks ago I went to lunch with Charlie from everybody's favorite podcast, Indie Spinner Rack, and Nick was there too. He mentioned he sometimes needs subs for his class at SVA and I told him that I would LEAP at the chance to do it, and so now it's happening. CRAZY, huh?

Also, my drawing teacher Thaddeus set up two interviews for me at The New School and BMCC to see if they want to add a Comics class to their art curriculum!

So... I'm super-pumped about all these awesome opportunities to teach Comics! But it's also a little crazy trying to add the preparations into my already hectic workload. Tonight I need to create a new resume that focuses specifically on Teaching Comics, come up with a syllabus for a 15-week course on Comics and write some convincing cover letters... oh, and do my homework! (gulp)

Oh well, I said I wanted to hit the ground running, right? Here goes!

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man, this is so rad, alec. you totally deserve it! best of luck!

nate Mar25

Why are you a teacher now that I'm no longer a student? What kind of shit is that?

Good luck with those interviews- a teaching job would mean regular $$ right out of school, which accoding to my calculations = awesome.

Matt Mar25

Nate - I deserve it? YOU deserve the awesome job YOU just got! Have fun in Sunny Los Angeles!!!

Matt - I know, we are like ships passing in the night... And I think your math is right! :)

Alec Mar25

That sounds so awesome, Alec! Good luck!

Arlene Mar25

Sweet! Congratulations - you should stop by the Continuing Ed office and say hi!

Liz Mar26

Congratulations Alec,

I'm a SVA Alumnus, and I think you would be an awesome teacher, man.

As we actors stupidly say: "Break-a-leg" on Wednesday.

Cam Mar26

Congrats and good luck Alec!

WAM Mar27

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