SO... BURNED... OUT...

Wed 4/4/2007

There are only FOUR MORE WEEKS of school.

And as I near the end of my art school experience, I gotta say... I am feeling pretty damn burned out. It seems like most of my peers are feeling the same way too. We've got this huge deadline coming up to try and get our best work in to The Pratt Show and it has us all going totally nuts.

For me, it just seems like it has been getting harder and harder to get my homework done. It doesn't matter how I structure my time, or what music I listen to, it's like pulling teeth to try and get me to sit down and work. I had to FORCE myself to go back in to school to paint on Saturday AND Sunday, because I couldn't get anything done at home. And on Sunday night I really should have pulled an all-nighter to get my piece done, but I just didn't do it. I was like, "I don't CARE. This piece ISN'T going to be in my portfolio. I want to go to SLEEP."

I suspect there are many causes for this... 1) The nice weather makes it really hard to work inside (in a room with NO WINDOWS). Though supposidly it's going to be snowing again by the end of the week... 2) I've been hanging out with Carolyn and her friends, which is always really relaxing and fun. She makes me NOT want to kill myself working like a maniac, which is nice. Luckily though, she's even busier than I am, so hanging out a lot is not even an option. Or how about 3) I've been working really hard for the last TWO YEARS and I'm ready to be done!!?!

My old college advisor/mentor Mike Grube emailed me out of the blue the other night, after looking through some of my work on this site. He was reminded of his Grad School experiences and said "I finally figured out that they let you out right before you were so fed up that you were going to walk out. At that moment you had had enough, and were ready to face the world."

THAT is exactly how I feel right now.

Anyways, I know that I will look back and miss art school, and that I should enjoy it while I can. Oh well. I'll never be able to forget this experience. How could I? I'll have a nice monthly reminder of how great it was for the next 10-20 years, in the form of my student loan payments! ;)

Well, I better get back to work...

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I don't think I ever saw a candle depicted as wearing glasses before. Two years ago he looked so smart!

Arlene Apr04

just think how absolutely satisfying it will be to draw comics without any agenda whatsoever. and with your badass, freshly honed skillz!

nate Apr04

Nate, that is definitely the light at the end of this tunnel. Come June I should be done with Phase 7 #011 and back working on Basewood with no distractions.

We'll have to see, but I somehow think I'm going to be able to work A LOT faster on it than before. It really feels like I've got my Comics process "locked in" at this point.

See you at MoCCA sucka! I'm so pumped you are coming out for it!!!

Alec Apr04

Dude, your mentor guy is totally right. I had the same revelation a couple of months before getting out of grad school. I was like man I would be fucking out of here if I wasn't graduating.

CWright Apr04

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