Homework is NOT worth dying for.

Thu 4/5/2007

After school today I was in a rush to get to the art supply store before it closed (so I could get some special paper for my homework tonight) and these slow people were walking in front of me (GRRR!) I tried to pass them by shooting through this little space between a tree and a parked car, but lost my footing on the curb, fell into a newspaper box, then sort of ricocheted onto another parked car. The slow people jumped back and looked at me like I was crazy and all I could muble in response was "FALLING..." Then I tried to cross the street to get away from them, because I was so embarrassed, but I wasn't paying attention and I stepped out in front of a speeding truck, which honked REALLY LOUD and slammed on its breaks. I dashed forward, almost got hit by a cab coming the other direction and finally made it to the other side of the street.

It was kind of a crazy 10 seconds!

P.S. I'm doing my homework now and it totally sucks...

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I've done the burned out walk right in front of moving traffic thing a couple times myself. No matter how burned out you are, you feel REAL fuckin' awake for the rest of the trip home!

Matt Apr05

Oh, and needless to say, I'm so pleased you're not dead.

Matt Apr05

i am so where you are right now...
school is slowly, but thoroughly, grinding me up...
i have this simultaneous feeling of panic and lethargy that i can't escape...i can't get my final papers written because i'm constantly up against the wall with regular coursework...i don't think i'll be sleeping more than 2 hours a night for a while...i'm single-handedly keeping red bull in business...

jason Apr05

I'm glad you're ok. Be careful out there.

Arlene Apr05

have you gotten your POSTAL geek on? http://www.uspsjedimaster.com/main/vote/view_stamps.html?route=vote.s&;source=SWUSPS07

Acorn Reindeer Apr06

Aaron - I was planning a separate post ALL ABOUT the new Star Wars stamps but I haven't had a chance yet... I still need to find one of the new R2-D2 mailboxes and get a photo. SURELY there's got to be one in NYC, right? RIGHT???

Jason - Hang in there!

Alec Apr06

weird, did my comment get eaten by the spam checker? that's odd. i think it was something about how easy this was to visualize, like a scene out of a movie. but it was a lot funnier and stuff. too funny for the spam checker.

nate Apr08

here are the locations for some of the r2d2 mailboxes in new york, courtesy of http://www.frappr.com/r2d2. there are apparently some in brooklyn, although it's unclear where at this point:

# New York

* 52th St & 5th Ave (Southwest corner), (dacnco)

* 48nd St & 6th Ave, (Matt) (big56matt)

* Fordham Road (in the Bronx), (Shawn Farrell)

* 6th Ave near Radio City Music Hall (in Rockefeller Center), (Ron)
* 5th Ave. & 50th St. (Northwest corner, across St. Patrick's Cathedral), (I2p542)

* 43rd St & Broadway, (beaniequeeny)
* 58th Street & 5th Avenue, (beaniequeeny)
* 33rd St & 7th Avenue, (beaniequeeny)

* 34th St. & 5th Ave (near Empire State Building) (Juile)
* 125th & 8th Ave (by the Apollo Theater)
* East 161st St (near Yankee Stadium)
* 175 Water St. (Corner of Water Street & John St.), (srm59)
* 2001 South Rd, (daniel.p.shea)

anngav Apr08



33rd and 7th here I come!!! :D

Alec Apr08

There's an R2D2 mailbox outside the post office in Princeton and every time I walk past it, I think of you and curse the fact that I've forgotten my camera.

So much fun.

Ellie Apr15

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