Sun 4/15/2007

OH MAN, my new portfolio website is finally LIVE!!!

As mentioned on the site, that will pretty much REPLACE the Illustration Section of this site (though I will keep up the Pratt sections and maybe make a "miscellaneous" or "archive" section to dump things...)

It should also be noted, as with all of my online goings-on, that I could not have done HALF of the cool stuff on that site without the constant help and support of Nate Beaty. So thank you once again Nate!

Anyways, this is a HUGE relief, as it has been really hard to make time to create the background images for the site, as well as all of the coding and designing and nitpicking. There will still be a few changes, as I still have a few illustrations to finish for my Pratt coursework. But for now it's good enough! Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions...

(P.S. Illustrator friends, PLEASE DON'T submit this site to Drawn! yet. I totally want to do it, but not until I have all of my work finished and up on the site. Thanks!)

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very nice alec.. congrats! give me a jingle if you want help maximizing the thickbox blow thingamajig. i think it helps a lot!

nate Apr15

Great portfolio site Alec. Your work looks great too. Much success!

cam Apr16

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