Sidewalk Bump #2!

Mon 4/30/2007

Well, I really dropped the "promotion ball" this time... A few years back I got this awesome minicomic called "Sidewalk Bump" which was an anthology of skateboarding comics. It was put together by Dan Moynihan (who also did the AMAZING cover).

I really liked all of the comics, so I asked Dan if he was ever planning on putting out a Sidewalk Bump #2, because I just so happened to have a good skateboarding story up my sleeve. He said he was, so I drew a 7-pager and sent it to him. After a couple of delays it's finally out! It's got other great comics by Dan, my friends Francois Vigneault and John Isaacson, plus a bunch of other cool people.

Technically I think this debuted at APE last last weekend, but I forgot to tell everyone about it. (sorry!) I think maybe I was subcontiously blocking this out because I was so bummed that I couldn't go to APE again this year. Or maybe I was just FREAKING OUT because of my big Pratt Show deadline.

Anyways, it should be in the good minicomics/zine shops around the USA. I seem to remember SB#1 "making the rounds" pretty well... Also, Dan said he will be at MoCCA this summer, so you can also pick up a copy then!

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aww man... i found out about this yesterday at school... i would have loved to be in it!!!

jp Apr30

JP- Well, if he made a #2 he'll probably make a #3! Dan will be at MoCCA and I will make sure to introduce you to him (he's super nice)

Alec Apr30

damn, that's a nice cover. who did that?

nate May01

Dan Moynihan! (It's actually even sweeter, cause it wraps around with this great set-up of the kid skating down the hill picking up speed)

They should maybe have a copy at Meltdown Comics. Have you been there yet???

Alec May02

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