Sometimes, I SUCK.

Mon 4/30/2007

I had a very happy childhood and I have been lucky enough to have pretty high self-esteem for most of my life. Every once and a while though, I will really screw something up. Something that's really important to me, and I just hate myself so much.

It's really debilitating. I have been in this awful, crappy haze for the last couple of days. It makes me feel so sorry for people that feel like this all the time. No wonder some people can't focus or get anything done, or have a normal conversation.

It just seems impossible that Saturday could be one of the best days I've ever had in New York and Sunday could be one of the worst. I guess that's how life goes sometimes...

I'll tell you one thing: I've got a few grey hairs in my beard and I sure didn't earn them through the accrued wisdom of my 27 years. More likely they're just from STRESS.

Speaking of which, I thought this week would be so relaxed after I had powered through the stress of last week, but somehow it feels just as bad. I've still got a ton of stuff to get done plus random other (TIGHT) deadlines that have popped up out of nowhere. I'm still scrambling to get ready for the Pratt Show, my parents are coming to town, I'm thinking about moving again, I need to find a JOB, etc. etc. etc.


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Alec don't worry, you're brimming with awesome.

kala May01

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