P7 #005.2 SCREW UP!!!!

Wed 5/2/2007

I like to think of myself as an "above-average" self-publisher. When someone orders one of my comics, it is in the mail the next day. I stay on top of my correspondence, I get comics to the subscribers, street team members and stores, I work hard on getting the next issue out. But today I found my first really huge, REALLY AWFUL mistake.

For some reason I have been getting a lot of orders for P7 #005 and P7 #006 lately. And as I mentioned previously, I lost a BUNCH of money last year on PHASE 7. So this year I'm getting reprints made at a copy shop, instead of printing them at home, to try and cut down on costs.

SO. Today I opened up my reprint files for P7 #005 and #006, to make a few small adjustments and to make sure the final .PDF files were ready for the printer. I redid some of the back cover content and tweaked a few things here and there, then I printed out a copy to double check the layout.

"Hmmm... that's strange" I thought as I flipped through P7 #005. "There seem to be two page sevens..." I reopened the InDesign file and my heart just fell into my stomach. THERE WERE TWO PAGE SEVENS.

I do not currently have any reprint copies of P7 #005, but I am pretty damn sure that I have been using this same file for EVERY copy I have ever made. And from looking through my records, that means there are about 200 SCREWED UP copies of Phase 7 #005 out there! (can anyone confirm this??? Also: why didn't anyone TELL me???!)

This is TOTALLY EMBARRASSING!!! I can't even tell you how many people (IMPORTANT PEOPLE) I have given this comic to, only to now know that they read it and went, "Oh, well it's pretty good, except that he doesn't even know how to lay the damn thing out!" UGGUUGGUHUGUGUHUUHHH!!!!

I think the problem was, when I shrunk the art, I got rid of the page numbers, so the images could be slightly taller. And really, the missing page (PAGE SIX) was a montage scene and was not crucial towards pushing the plot forward. But those are EXCUSES.

SO, that being said:

Any person owning a "SECOND PRINTING" copy of Phase 7 #005 can get a FREE, THIRD PRINTING replacement copy from me by providing one of the following:

  1. A photocopy, scan or digital photo of the bottom of the title page (including "PHASE 7 #005" and "SECOND PRINTING")
  2. A forwarded PayPal receipt showing your order of P7 #005 at the $2.00 cover price
  3. OR by handing me your misprinted SECOND PRINTING copy at any show, or at any time in person

I'm SO, SO sorry about this and I'll do my damndest to make sure it doesn't happen again. So much for PHASE 7 quality control! JEESH.

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I have a second printing P7, #005, and the pages 6 and 7 are fine.
Don't stress too bad. Your books are wonderfully put together, and every single publisher, major, indy, and individual, fs up now and then.

jim May02

i noticed, but i just assumed it was an singular anomaly...
i'm a little conflicted as to whether you should feel obligated to replace it...this is the kind of thing that makes items memorable...who knows, this could end up the highly sought after collectible issue of the run...maybe if you just post the missing page so we can download it...you have enough to worry about without replacing a
bunch of issues...

jason May02

But, hey, when you're big and famous, those copies are going to be worth a TON! :)

Laura May02

I was gonna check my copy, because I was pretty sure I would have caught and remembered such a thing, but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe we're both crazy.

Matt May02

Except I also remember that scene, too...damn it!

Matt May02

Jim - I'm glad to know they're not ALL screwed up!

Jason - The missing page is HERE. Are you coming down to MoCCA this summer? I will give you a new copy then!

I'm not sure about it being a "collector's item." If it was within my power I'd track down every copy and replace them one by one!!!

Alec May02

My 2nd printing copy has it correct. Maybe its not as many as you think?

Cam May02

Cameron - Let's hope! It's just strange because I really don't ever go back in to my InDesign files after they are set up. It must have gotten screwed up at some point, in some freak accident... anyways, it's fixed now and I'll be triple checking my files from now on!

Alec May02

My copy (SPX '06) has the repeat page, but I just assumed that it was a printer fault (an assumption based on the numerous problems with print stores - most any cartoonist will probably leap to the same conclusion). The book is gorgeous, Alec, and it's not a poor reflection on you. Since the pages are facing it's a quick realization, and I don't think that anyone is going to fault you for it.

Rather than replace my copy, could you maybe post a downloadable PDF of the missing page that we could print out ourselves? I'd feel terrible taking a whole new copy.

Chris S. May03

Chris - Here is a hi-res .TIFF at size for anyone who wants to print out their own: http://alec-longstreth.com/comic/06.tif But I will GLADLY give you a new copy at MoCCA! Don't feel bad, it's MY mistake!!!

Alec May03

I'm going to have to go out t0 the woods and dig it out of my mini comics geocache and fix it myself, I wouldn't want random strangers to get the wrong impression of Longstreth's greatness. Your basewood chapters make a great addition to the cache, it definitely carries that spirit of adventure and exploration, I'll probably be ordering multiple copies of the basewood issues soon


Your work looks great. I especially like the illustrations digital and watercolor. Keep it up!

david May05

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