The Pratt Show

Sun 5/6/2007

Well this is the week of my big senior show. As you can see above, it runs Tuesday through Thursday at the Manhattan Center (311 W. 34th Street at 8th Ave). I will be at the show Noon-9pm Tuesday and Wednesday, but I won't be there at all on Thursday. If any one wants to swing by I would love to see you there! There is going to be a lot of great work up.

All the "press relase" stuff aside, I have to say, I am EXTREMELY conflicted about The Pratt Show.

On one hand it is really exciting. There is a "professionals only" time slot on Tuesday night and there will be a ton of art directors and editors there, so hopefully that will be a good "networking" opportunity and maybe it'll even lead to some work.

On the other hand, the way that the show is set up and juried seems SO unfair, it's almost unbearable even being in the space. Fellow students who have worked their ASSES off, right along side me for the last two years, have only a few pieces in the show or did not get ANY pieces in, and don't even get to participate. WTF???!

I understand that space is limited and Pratt only wants the best work in the show, but it just seems SO unfair that someone could spend the same $30,000 that I did for the last two years of school and then be completely SHUT OUT of this big opportunity. It's like, "Well, your final work wasn't quite good enough so we're just going to throw up this giant road block to make it that much harder for you to succeed."

It especially sucks because this will probably be the LAST experience I have with some of my Pratt friends. After building such a supportive environment where we encourage and learn from one another, we are suddenly COMPETING with each other at a Pratt sanctioned event.

I know that illustration is a totally cut-throat industry and there is way more talent than there are jobs. So maybe this is just a harsh life lesson. Like I'm saying, "It's unfair!" and the answer is, "Well, LIFE is unfair." It just seems like they could allot a space for each student and then THEIR best work would be displayed. Naturally some work would be better than others, but at least everyone could be included.

A N Y W A Y S, I spent three hours tonight setting up all my work. I'm going to try and make the most of it, but at this point, I'll be happy when it's all over!

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Congrats on your last day as a student Alec!

Cam May07

I dunno- I don't think stuff like this is a matter of "fair and unfair." Like, if you were in an academic school, would it be unfair if everyone who paid their money and worked hard didn't get to be valedictorians, instead of just the students with the best grades? Good grades in law school get you better job opportunities- why should students who didn't do as well get shut out?

As you point out, this is what getting jobs will be like- they will compete with many, many others, and if they aren't up to snuff, they don't get work. I totally see what you mean about how hurt people must be, but it might be healthy if they eliminated the "fair/unfair" attitude from their minds right now, or else they're going to be very bitter people later on. I've met older artists who take their lack of success (not owing to any lack of work on their part) as some sort of personal injustice, and the bitterness has completely eaten away any joy they may have once felt in their art. They can't talk about anything but what the world owes them.

Matt May07

Shouldn't that cartoon of you on the front page be more thrilled?

Arlene May07

Thanks Cameron!

Matt, I know you are right, but it still makes me sick to my stomach.

Arlene, I thought about drawing one where I am pumping my fists above my head in the "WOO!" position, but the "real" Alec isn't quite that happy tonight, so the middle-of-the-road Alec will just have to do I guess.

Alec May07

Sorry about that. I hope things improve.

Arlene May07

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