Sun 5/13/2007

Well, I am single again.

It sucks pretty hard, but I'm fairly certain it's for the best. It's almost easier that it's happening right now, in the middle of all these other big changes. Like I can just group it with the end of school and put all this crap behind me. I'm going to wake up on Monday start the next chapter of my life.

The picture above is my old skateboard, Dennis, which my parents were kind enough to bring all the way from Seattle. I've been blowing off some steam the last few nights skating around in my neighborhood, which has been nice. My neighborhood is mostly factories and welding shops, so there is not much traffic at night and I don't really have to worry about waking people up with all my noise. I just wish there wasn't so much trash in the streets...

I'm also going to try and get my bike fixed this week. I want to spend this whole summer riding around on my bike, skateboarding, reading, writing and drawing. I've got enough freelance work lined up to get me through the summer, so I really want to utilize this time to get caught up on all my various projects. I think come Fall I'll have to get a day job again, so now's my chance.

Anyways, I just thought I should post something, to help explain any grumpiness that has been emitting from my corner...

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This would make a great sequel to your Sidewalk Bump story.

greg May13

Sorry to hear that Alec. Glad Dennis is there to help you out. Here's to fresh starts and new fire.

Cam May13

I need to ride my poor board more often.


regarding graduation: Congratulations!

regarding girl troubles: my condolences

regarding stress of graduation and girl troubles and pratt show exclusion and whatever the hell else: That sucks dude

regarding your summer of skating, riding, reading, and freelance work, exactly the life you'd hoped for pre-graduation, made possible through your hard work and awesomeness: Good job on you!

This has been the cliff notes version of my congratulations/condolences for the last several posts.

Matt May14

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