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Wed 5/16/2007

I've been dogsitting for Aaron this week, which has been really nice. (There's no one better to hang out with when you're sad than a DOG).

And true to my word, I woke up on Monday morning and started coloring Aaron's book, HARD CORE.

Make no mistake; this is a BIG project. Right now I'm averaging 6.3 hours a page (with the longest page taking over 10 hours and the shortest taking under 2) And I've still got well over 100 pages to color. Aaron and I are hoping to get the bulk of the book done this summer, so the temptation is to just throw myself at the project with everything I've got....

BUT, as I've learned from a few years of drawing Comics, this kind of thing is a marathon, not a sprint. So I've decided that I'm going to color Aaron's book 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. That way I will have the weekend off to work on other things and also to scan the next batch of pages. That should leave me enough time to 1) not go crazy and 2) work on PHASE 7 and my other freelance projects. Also, once I get in the groove, hopefully I will get FASTER. My goal is to get my average down to 4 hours per page, which would be about 10 pages a week.

So this week the routine has been: get up at 7:30am, stretch my back and drawing arm/hand, take the subway to Aaron's (only one stop) run with Beluga to the park (1 mile?), walk back, take the subway home, take a shower, eat some breakfast and then start coloring by 10am. I've used the above schedules, which were a little tricky because I had to adjust them for dog-walking times. After this week I'll probably get back on one of the regular 8-hour schedules.

So, yeah. Things seem to be going pretty well... I'm eating better, getting some exercise, getting a lot of work done, leaving the apartment on my breaks and checking lots of stuff off my to do lists. Um, I also haven't really hung out with or even SEEN another person since last Saturday... So I guess that's something I'll have to work on in the future. But this week, I think it's just what I needed to do.

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ah, i miss beluga... that beast's gotta be gettin OLD now!

amazing how long coloring takes. you'd think it would be so much quicker, but it always takes longer than i expect it to.

nate May16

Aww...what a sweet face. I love my cats, but dogs are ace!

Good luck with your schedule.

Arlene May16

Cripes! That rhymed.

Arlene May16

Alec, your work ethic is always an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your schedules! Maybe this weekend, with any luck, I'll get something done too.

Matthew May17

Man, I'm jealous of your schedule. If only there wasn't a giant black hole consuming the majority of my daylight, that would be my schedule as well.

Also, congratulations on your recent graduation. You must feel about 20 tons smarter now.

josh May18

Thanks Josh! I don't know about 20 tons of smarts... right now it's feeling more like 20 years of loans to pay off! :P

Alec May18

beluga is NOT getting old. you here me?!!

aaron May18

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