Oh, I don't know!

Thu 5/31/2007


I keep starting these lame, sad blog entries and then about half way through I delete them, thinking, "What the hell am I doing???" Then I go write it all down in my journal instead.

It's just weird. Every time I log in to update the homepage there is this counter thing, and this site is getting A HUNDRED AND FIFTY hits a day. (??!) So when I don't update for a while, I feel kind of guilty. But then, I don't really feel like writing about my life right now... Besides, does anyone REALLY want to hear about how sad I have been feeling? And why would I want to publically talk about that???

I think I'm going to take a "Thumper" stance on blogging from here on out: If you don't have anything nice to blog about, don't post anything at all!

There is some exciting stuff on the horizon, if I can just get there. It feels like I am 95% complete with like FOUR projects right now, so it will feel good to ACTUALLY finish something. Soon.

BAHH, what the hell am I complaining about anyways??? Life is good. I'm going to make rent tomorrow, paid entirely with money that I made from being an "ARTIST." ???! Who knows how long I'll be able to keep THAT up, but I'm going to try dammit. The Man is going to have to drag me kicking and screaming back into some office! You mark my words!

Anyways, my sister just had her first Children's Book Review column printed in our local paper! Nice work Galen! :)

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meh... no worries man, you update when the moment is right... don't force something that isn't right. Isn't it funny (not so much haha funny) that in times of great success, sadness can still take a hold in our life. As you've said, you have much to be thankful for/happy about... but that isn't always enough to make it a "good day".

I often find myself upset over a creeping sadness and it makes me feel guilty when I look around me and realize there is no reason for me to be sad.

Congrats on making rent, that is an amazing accomplishment to live free-lance... I envy you for that, keep hustling.

Jewett Jun01

Dude, you are doing a great job, don't be sad! Of course, sometimes we people just get sad, it's a part of life, so you shouldn't feel ashamed or bad about sharing those feelings either.

In any case, I am super jealous that you've been able to make all your money doing art stuff! At some point, when I have enough money saved, I might take up more freelance stuff myself to see if I can hack it, but that won't be for quite a while. Unfortunately I have all these "responsibilities"!

Anyway, MoCCA is in less than a month! Aren't you PSYCHED?!?

Liz Jun01

woa is that a watership down reference? sweet. i've been down also, must be something in the air. 'course it's graybrown LA air i've been breathin' .... hm.... keep that chin up taskmaster! can't wait to see the new P7!

nate Jun01

Cheer up, you have a lot going for you!! As for journaling, it's essential to have something private. How else are you going to have an honest, unadulterated chat with yourself? :)

jqln Jun01

erica lee still wants to hear about how sad you are. b/c she is feeling sad too, although, as you mentioned, and a comment mentions, there are more good things happening than bad so i should not be so complainy.

you are an artist. erica lee is proud.

erica lee Jun01

UH... thanks everyone.... You are all right, I should focus on the POSITIVE things in my life right now!

Nate - Thumper from BAMBI.

Erica - cheer up! I will if you do!

Alec Jun01

i've had to battle depression my whole life. i'm not sure why that is but i just find myself feeling sad for no reason.

here is a simple thing that i find can help you feel better when you are sad:

1. make a list of the things that are causing you problems. go through each thing on the list, one at a time, and try to come up with a real way that you can work on it. you would be surprised how many of those things seem really silly once you write them down.

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