CCS Summer Workshops!!!

Wed 6/6/2007

Robyn, Aaron and I have started planning our one-week summer workshop for The Center For Cartoon Studies. It's shaping up to be a SUPER AWESOME week of Comics creation! We're going to do our best to make it even better than last year's worshop (if that's even POSSIBLE!)

Also, I found out today that there are still a few spots left so if anybody is interested, they should sign up quickly!!! It's July 16th - July 20th and we're looking for students ages 16 and up. It's a great chance to experience everything CCS has to offer in one very intense week! Plus Vermont is so beautiful in the summer, the ice cream can't be beat and I'm not leaving this year until I swim in the White River, dagnabbit!

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Sounds like it's gonna be pretty sweet, Alec. I hope you get to swim in the White River too, confound it!

Arlene Jun06

I wish I could... I think that would be amazing... I keep telling Sara that we should just sell our house and move to Vermont so I could go to the school (assuming they would accept me). Best of luck, I hope you have a great time.

Jewett Jun06


Matt Jun06

Thanks, Alec!

Also, if you plan to attend this workshop, and would like to take a screenprinting intensive the next week, consider this:


A Partnership workshop with Two Rivers Printmaking Studio,
The Center for Cartoon Studies, and The Silver Screen
July 23-25
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, meets daily 10-2
$220 plus $20 materials fee.
Ages: 16+

For more information and to register, visit Two Rivers Printmaking Studio

PS - We will be covering the basics of screenprinting in Create Comics II as well.

Robyn Jun07

I am so excited to go... :) :)
I have been waiting to go again since last summer's session!!

L Jun10

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