P7#011 = DONE!!!

Sat 6/9/2007

I don't want to GLOAT or anything, but I finished Phase 7 #011 this morning and I am pretty damn proud of myself.

It just feels REALLY good to finish this issue TWO DAYS before the deadline/goal I set for myself SEVEN MONTHS AGO. That's a finished page every 3.5 days: rain or shine, in school, on break, during finals, in happiness and heartbreak. I drew this comic book. I am really proud of it and I can't wait for everyone to see it!

The rest of my weekend will be spent scanning in all the art, doing touch-ups and corrections, proofreading, and laying it all out. I'm going to hand it in to the printer first thing on Monday morning. With TWO WEEKS until MoCCA I am in good shape!

As luck would have it, I am also going to finish scripting Basewood Chapter 3 this weekend (probably tomorrow, I only have two more pages to draw!) It's clocking in at 48 pages, which will bring Basewood up to 112 (UH... didn't I say that it was only going to be 150 pages???) I always thought the third chapter would be the slowest of this story, but now I think it might be the most exciting!

WHO KNOWS how long it's going to take me to draw 48 pages of Basewood?! A YEAR? A year and a half? I'm definitely a lot faster at drawing now, but I just don't know what my life will be like and how much time I'll be able to devote to it... One thing's for sure, my next Phase 7 progress chart probably won't look as nice as the one posted above! ;)

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Congratulations man. I'm REALLY looking forward to reading it. Cheers.

Cam Jun09

you are incredible dude...
when can we buy it?... :)

jason Jun09

Jason - It should go out to the subscribers some time next week? And then I'll put it up for sale in the comics page some time after that. Probably before MoCCA.

In other words, as soon as possible!

Alec Jun09

You should be proud that's great!

Arlene Jun10

I can't wait. #10 was really exciting for me to read, as it quashed my notion that all comic lovers/creators had never had a long period of faltering interest, as I had. Plus your storytelling seems to get better and better with each new issue, so I expect this one to be the best yet.

Chris S. Jun10

Put me down for a copy.

rich tea Jun10

I'll be ordering my copy as soon as it becomes available... congrats on getting it done.

Jewett Jun10

i'm really looking foward to reading this. I can't wait to see how you went about creating phase seven. i haven't read the sample pages you have up because i wanna be surprised.

Thanks everyone! Yeah Zack, this issue begins with me starting Phase 7 and goes all the way through (pretty much) to the present day. I'm hoping people will get a glimpse of the ups and downs in the life of a self-publisher and also maybe learn a thing or two along the way!

Alec Jun10

can't wait (:)> peep!

when they're ready can you bring mine [instead of mailing] when you come over to paint???

hope you're feeling better!!!

stephanie Jun11

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