Fold, Staple, Sign, Repeat

Tue 6/12/2007

Well, I got Phase 7 #011 back from the printer today. It looks great! I am really pleased with how it turned out. Aaron helped me lug it all home (thanks Aaron) and I spent the rest of the evening folding and stapling copies together.

It's a monster issue, clocking in at 56 pages (the second longest Phase 7 ever!) and I am going to start sending out copies to people this week (probably only about 10-20 a day, since I have a lot of letters to write). So, that being said...

1) If you are a Phase 7 subscriber and you have MOVED in the last six months, please let me know your current mailing address!

2) If you are one of my Comics friends, and you are going to be at MoCCA, I'm going to wait to give you a copy in person, to save on shipping. Sorry! It's only like ten days away, so please be patient!

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sooo... awesome, can't wait to read it.

Jewett Jun13

Alec, I'll be at MoCCA if you want to save on the shipping. And congrats on finishing another issue!

Thanks for the heads up Matthew. See you at MoCCA!

Alec Jun13

Sweet! I'll have Tear-Stained Makeup #5 and #6 to trade with you!

Marcos Jun13

I'm so psyched to read this! I'll have a nice new copy of MBH6 to trade with you!

Liz Jun13

Marcos & Liz - AWESOME! I am so pumped to do some trading! :)

Alec Jun13

i got my copy of #011 today!!...
thanks alec!...

jason Jun19

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