MoCCA Mega Wrap-up

Mon 6/25/2007

Well, Greg headed back to Portland today, so I think MoCCA Madness is officially over for me this year.

It was such a great show and I had an awesome time seeing lots of friends and getting a TON of amazing comics! Read on for the giant, mega-recap, replete with a legion of links!

I guess it all started about a week ago, when my friend Rebecca (who works at Drawn and Quarterly) emailed me to say she was in town early for the show. We met up on Tuesday to do some drawing at a coffee shop, which was a nice break from my usual routine. It also prepared me for the upcoming flood of friends coming to town!

Greg arrived Thursday morning, fresh off of a red-eye flight from Portland. We met up with Aaron to get some breakfast and then we went out and ran some last minute MoCCA errands. I bought another long-arm stapler and we spent the rest of the day (and night) folding and stapling comics! It was actually a lot of fun, as we were able to talk comics and catch up. We also watched The Empire Strikes Back which was (OF COURSE) totally great. I think we folded and stapled something like 500 comics? So, uh... thanks Greg! I owe you one!

We took it pretty easy on Friday during the day. We did some more folding and stapling and then that evening we went down to the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art to pick up our badges for the show. We saw a bunch of our Comics friends kicking around there including a bunch of the CCS crowd and our table-mate Francois.

We went with Francois and some of his friends to the Jeffrey Brown signing at Giant Robot because we thought there was supposed to be FREE ICE CREAM, but it turned out that was only on Saturday :( So then we went out to Brooklyn to get some dinner.

Afterwards we swung by the Paul Hornschemeier signing at Rocketship which was pretty packed. I got to see Charlie and Mr. Phil from Indie Spinner Rack, for the first time in a LONG time and Nick Bertozzi and all sorts of other awesome, talented Comics friends that I usually don't get to see.

It's tempting at these things to hang out for hours and hours and chat with everyone, but we knew that we would get to see them all at the show and we wanted to get a good night's sleep before the first day of the convention, so after about an hour Greg and I headed out.

We made one more stop in Williamsburg on the way home, to check in with Austin English's book release party. It was in a REALLY crowded bar, so we mostly we just talked to Aaron for a bit and then headed home for the night. I think we were asleep by about 11pm, but we had made the rounds!

The show itself was really great this year. I sold a bunch of comics and people seemed really excited about the new issue. I got a little "trade happy" (giving away and/or trading about 80 copies of P7 #011) so I "sold out" of them with about two hours remaining on Sunday, which was okay by me... It's easy to think, "80 copies x $5.00 = $400!?!" but really, I got SO MANY amazing Comics and I barely spent any real money. The stuff pictured above is less than HALF of what I received, so I have plenty of awesome minicoimcs and graphic novels to read in the coming months. I just hope I can get through it all before SPX! Plus, trading is worth it because now there are some REALLY COOL people out there, reading my comics! :)

Anyways, after the show on Saturday, Greg and I went to dinner with Aaron and Liz. It's always hard trying to make plans after these shows because there are all these giant groups of people going off to various restaurants, or parties or wherever. I feel kind of bad because we sort of flaked on the One Percent Press guys, but that dinner ended up being the only real time I got to spend with Liz, so it was probably better that it was just the four of us.

There were all kinds of after-parties at various bars and stuff, but neither Greg or I had the energy or inclination to go. Instead, we took Aaron's keys and went home to walk Beluga while he went out and partied with Liz and others. Again, we were in bed by about 11pm so we could get a good night's sleep before tabling all day on Sunday. (IS THIS EXCITING OR WHAT??? :)

Sunday seemed to go by really fast, but I still got to see a bunch of my friends, including Shaun and Ajani (from Pratt!) who swung by. After the show, we once again kind of ditched everyone and took our stuff back to my apartment. Then, in a final burst of energy, we spent the morning today distributing copies at Jim Hanley's Universe and Rocketship. Self-publishing... Pfew!

So thanks to everyone who bought some of my comics or traded with me and thanks especially to Greg for making it an awesome weekend. I'm feeling totally pumped about Comics and tonight I'm going to start working on Basewood again after almost 15 months off... it's going to feel SO GOOD!

Oh, ALSO: Phase 7 #011 is now available for ordering in the comics section and the street team copies will go out in the next week or so, so look for them in a comics shop near you!

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yeah, really, where's the gritty party hard dood details!? haha, i'd be right there with you guys. i hit a threshold at some point in my life, something happened (maybe when i quit drinking like a fish?) that put an end to my inclination to party. then again, maybe i've always been a grumpy ol' crab.

you've got some serious linkage in this post. that must have taken forever.

sorry i couldn't make it this year... NEXT year for sure, i'll have a brainfag book to pimp then! and hopefully some other goodies...

nate Jun25

Yeah Nate, we missed you at the table this year. I can't wait for the Big Book of Brainfag! :)

And I hear you... standing in some loud room, getting a headache, not being able to hear the person you're talking to sounds a WHOLE lot less fun than riding your bike to the park with a good friend and a dog! I suspect you are right, if I drank more I probably wouldn't even notice that I'm not having any fun!

Alec Jun25

Alec, it was great to meet you finally, and the new issue is terrific!

Thanks Matthew! I can't wait to check out your new Comics and I love the drawing you did of all the people you met at MoCCA!

Alec Jun26

Sounds like you had a great time... I am glad to hear that, I was thrilled to get PHASE 7 #011 in the mail yesterday and already read through the entire thing. loved it, I will try and send you my actual thoughts via email this week. Keep up the great work brother.

Jewett Jun26

UPDATE: That photo of Greg and me was also taken by Matthew. Thanks Mr. Reidsma!

Alec Jun26

ooooooo look at my book up there with all that other cool stuff......I'm all jet lagged back in ireland now [which makes a chanage from being jet lagged during MoCCA] and i have a whole suitcase just filled with comics I gott crack open and go through :) Great seeing you again honey, see you at SPX

Cliodhna Jun28

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