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Sat 6/30/2007

Some big things were announced this week. Well, "big" things in MY world anyways...

Jeff Smith announced the title of his next self-published comics series, RASL and Rivers Cuomo announced that Weezer is going into the studio next week to record their sixth album.

Now as most of you know, I'm like a SHARK for being pumped. I HAVE to be pumped about something coming up, or I die (or just get really depressed). And these latest announcements, from some old standbys have me really excited about the future.

I mean, I don't think anyone is going to argue that when all is said and done, Jeff's magnum opus will be BONE. But he's done with that and he's still got another FORTY YEARS of cartooning in him! It's so exciting to think what other things he's going to explore through Comics in his life time.

I think about this too with J.K. Rowling. It seems impossible that she would just STOP WRITING after authoring the entire Harry Potter series. I wonder what other amazing ideas she has swimming around in her imagination!

And Weezer... don't even get me started! It will be really great to have some new Weezer tracks to rock out to. Especially since they seem to be "back on track" with their last album. I've got high hopes!

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I didn't listen to the last Weezer album, as they'd sort of let me down from the green album onwards (the reasons brilliantly illuminated in the Weezer section of that Andy Greenwald book), but I'd be willing to give them another shot, I guess, considering how much of an impact that they've had on my life.

And a new Jeff Smith project? WOOOOO! WOOOO!

Chris S. Jul01

Chris, I totally agree that the Green album and Maladroit totally SUCKED SO BAD. But you should really check out Make Believe. The songs are actually ABOUT real things again with real guitar solos, instead of a bunch of random gibberish over mathematically deduced chords and chorus-echoing guitar "solos." It's still no where near The Blue Album or Pinkerton, but it seemed like a step in the right direction and gave me a glimmer of hope for the future of Weezer.

Alec Jul01

Gene Tierney was a force of nature.

Cam Jul01

I agree Cameron! She was totally captivating in Laura, though I watched a biography about her in the DVD extras and it was super depressing. Talk about a turbulent life!

Alec Jul01

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