Music Tames the Wild Beast

Tue 7/3/2007

Oh man, I was in a really awful mood today coming home from "work." I was mentally preparing this angry blog entry about different types of stupid New Yorkers who piss me off (which I still might write at a later date...)

But then, on a whim, I decided to play my guitar when I got home and I was able to figure out this song Summer's The Worst by Michael Leviton that I have been whistling to myself a lot lately. (I think it's my unofficial theme song for this summer).

So then I decided I might as well record it. It took a while, because I multitracked it, so I had to figure out how to split up the parts and then I had to actually play them correctly (multiple takes?! BLECH!)

Anyways, I felt a lot better after playing it a bunch of times, so I'm posting MUSIC instead of ENMITY. Woo!

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Music is the ultimate mood enhancer... it can defuse us or incense us... amazing how powerful those little notes can be.

Jewett Jul05

Alec, you are the sweetest guy ever!

Sarah O Jul08

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