Vacation: Part Two

Mon 7/30/2007

Well, my week's vacation is all but over. I leave for the airport in a few hours and a non-stop, red-eye flight will bring me back to Brooklyn. It's been a great trip, though it was a lot different than my previous summer visits...

I try to make it home once each summer, mostly to see my family but also because the East coast is totally disgusting in the summer, while the Pacific Northwest is like heaven on earth (70 degrees, sunshine, no humidity, real trees, etc. etc.)

Usually, I try to align the trip with my sister Galen's birthday (on August 11th) which in turn, usually coincides with The Portland Zine Symposium. This year however, I came a few weeks earlier to see my sister Courtney, who was home on a rare visit from Eritrea where she has been for the last three years.

On Friday, Courtney, my Parents and I all drove down to Portland. It was a bit of an adventure with a blown out tire half-way, and a nice picnic lunch at the foot of Mount St. Helens. We gathered up Galen and had dinner with our entire family for the first time in a really long time, which was wonderful.

That night I got to spend some rare, one-on-one time with Grizzo since Greg was at the San Diego Comic Con and GCB was gone to a wedding. Mostly we got good and krunked and spent the night complaining about girls. Good times...

The next morning my whole family headed out to the Oregon coast, which was just beautiful. We couldn't have picked a more perfect day and it felt so good to dip my feet in the freezing waters of the Pacific Ocean. My Dad took my sisters and me on a hike up to Falcon Point, which was pretty incredible. There is something magical about hiking through dense, old-growth forest that then leads you right to the ocean's edge! (The magic feeling was probably also helped by the fact that Galen and I made some makeshift wands and spent most of the hike trying to remember as many Harry Potter spells as possible! ;)

The next couple of days had lots of good-byes as we left Galen in Portland and then prepared Courtney for another long stint in Africa. I managed to sneak away from the packing chaos yesterday morning to go for a long swim in the Lake. It was raining, so I had the park entirely to myself, even though the water was still perfectly warm.

I will miss this freedom of space when I am back in New York, sweating it out in my windowless room! But alas, I must return, for there is a whole STACK of work awaiting me! In a lot of ways it will be good to get back into my routine, though I will miss my family and friends and the smell of the pine trees on the cool Pacific breeze!

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Sounds like it was a grand trip... I am always thankful for the kind of breaks that actually recharge me for the tasks ahead of me. Safe travels.

Jewett Jul31

Yesterday i got your scars 24 hour book as gift as well "Smith's adventures into the super mundane" and ive gotta say scars has already become one of the fav books in my collection. Keep it up! And good luck with future projects!

Reemer Aug01

is that your potter wand in the picture?? hilarious!

erica lee Aug02

Erica, there's only one way to tell... Prior Incantato!

Also, I just found THIS PAGE which is freaking AMAAAAAAAZING!!!!!

Alec Aug02

After visiting Seattle for the first time a month ago its hard to believe anyone could ever leave in the first place. So awesome! Its a summer paradise!

Sarah G Aug04

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