Tue 8/14/2007

My parents went to a wedding this weekend in Rhode Island. Afterwards my Dad had to fly out to Alaska for a conference so my Mom headed back home to Seattle alone...

Today she was putting her suitcase back up in the attic when TWO of the rungs on the attic's ladder BROKE and she fell backwards off the ladder, breaking the hell out of her wrist and smashing her head into the doorframe of my childhood room.


Luckily she didn't black out and was able to call various friends and neighbors who came to her rescue. She had to get four staples to close up her head wound (making her the SECOND Longstreth to require head staples this decade!) Though I guess she let them numb her head with novocane first, so it wasn't too bad. She has to get surgery on her wrist this week before they can put it in a proper cast... JEESH!

So, uh... careful on those ladders people!

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Jesus Christ! I'm glad she's going to be okay. Scary as hell, though.

Yeah, seriously! Especially because she can't really TYPE right now, so she just sent me this ominous one-handed email that was like, "Broke my wrist, have some staples in my head, surgery this week..." !!???!!!

Alec Aug15

I hope she's resting comfortably.

Hey! You can compare scars at Thanksgiving!

Arlene Aug15

thankfully she was able to get aid... that is scary stuff.

Jewett Aug17

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