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Wed 8/15/2007

With Nate's help, I have been overhauling the comics section of this week. Here's what's new:

1) I reorganized all the elements on the page, giving each type of comic its own section and then a bit more space to explain each book. This means more scrolling, but hopefully it's more CLEAR too.

2) All of the Phase 7s are now listed in numerical order, indicating the missing (and/or "forthcoming") issues with cover thumbnails and expected release dates. Hopefully this will cut down on confusion for newcomers to the site.

3) The new Phase 7 #007 cover is up (shown larger right here!) I AM working on P7 #007, but very, very slowly... Look for it in late 2008!

4) Unfortunately, for the first time in five years, I have raised the price of a P7 subscription. It's now $20 (instead of $16). Originally I thought issues would be about $3, but more and more they are $4 or $5, plus I usually send out a lot of extras to subscribers, plus shipping is usually more than $1. I don't feel great about this, but I still think it's a pretty good deal...

5) In the same spirit, I also raised a bunch of the shipping costs! (UGH!) I lost A LOT of money on P7 last year, so this is an attempt to assuage that a bit. Even just for the postage they were a bit low, and it didn't account for envelopes and packing tape and labels and the Paypal cut, etc. etc. It would be really awesome to break even on P7 one of these years...

6) Lastly, I finally uploaded all of People, Places, Things #2 for people to read if they want. I printed way too few of these and they pretty much went out of print the moment I started promoting them. So if you missed out, you can now see my second collection of various sketches from around New York.

I've got plans for updates in other sections of the site, but for now that's it!

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Alright! The cover looks great. Makes me curious as to what the next cover will be. The monster, maybe? OoooOOoh....

I know what you mean about cost. I've rethought things - Any minis I make from now on will have a sixteen -- MAYBE twenty -- page limit. I can't make 'em otherwise.

Chris S. Aug15

$20 is a steal Alec, don't stress about charging for your work. You deserve it!

cep Aug15

the comics section updates look good and raising your prices is logical and still a worthy cost for what you are giving, I continue to look forward to getting the next issue of Phase 7 in my mailbox.

Jewett Aug17

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