Summer Reading!

Wed 8/22/2007

Last weekend I finished the last book of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. I read all thirteen of these books this summer and I ended up REALLY enjoying them. It was a little slow going through the first few, but by book 8 or so, I was totally hooked. The writing has so much character and it's such an interesting, complex world that those poor Bauldelaires have to trudge through. Thanks to my sister Galen for loaning me the whole set!

Sure, I realize they are "for kids" and the books are actually quite small, but I still have a real sense of accomplishment for reading those 3,500 pages this summer (not to mention the 759 pages of The Deathly Hallows!)

I am a slow reader, probably because I was never much of a reader growing up. There were definitely a few books that hit me like a ton of bricks (PETER PAN, Matilda, The Phantom Tollbooth, Robin Hood, Redwall) and I was always reading a lot of Comics, but sadly, I spent most of the first 18 years of my life sitting in front of the television.

I haven't watched TV in about 10 years now though, and it's been really nice getting into reading properly for the first time in my life. I'm trying to go through some of the classics using my subscription (I'm listening to Moby Dick right now finally, which is INCREDIBLE!) When the language is more dense and antiquated I find it harder to get through it on paper, but with the right reader they make amazing AudioBooks!

It's also been great this summer because I've been drawing so much that my wrist has started hurting again. Which means on my breaks I've been reading a lot, since it is one of the few activities that doesn't involve using my drawing hand.

Also, my friend Kala called me the other day to tell me that she had finally caved. After two years of my relentless teasing and peer pressure, she finally read all seven Harry Potter books this summer... AND TOTALLY LOVED THEM (of course!) Way to go Kala!

Well, I'm off in the morning to head to Madison and Chicago. It might be pretty quiet around here for this upcoming week, but I'll do my best to post from the Midwest!

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Do you mean the Howard Pyle Robin Hood? If so, I agree with you - changed my life. And I see could see some Pyle/RH influence in Basewood, actually...

Never got through the S.o.U.E. books (only read through 3, and found 'em slow). May have to give those another try.

If you want a really fun and incredibly well illustrated series (MUCH shorter), try the Spiderwick Chronicles. Only 5 books!

Chris S. Aug24

I got hooked on the N.C. Wyeth version of Robin Hood, myself (although I do love Pyle as well). Love that painting of Robin on his deathbed. Hurts me. A few months ago I read the biography of N.C. Wyeth by David Michaelis. Its SO excellent if you are desiring any non-fiction. His very lengthy bio of Charles Schulz is due this October. Can't wait for that!

Cam Aug24

I need to give these books another chance... I couldn't finish the first one... but I keep hearing how great they are. hmmm.

Jewett Aug28

i read them too

hi Apr16

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