Year 4

Sat 9/1/2007

I'm back in Brooklyn and it is September 1st. So, by my calculations that means I have now been living in New York for THREE YEARS. As my Dad pointed out, that is the longest amount of time I have lived anywhere since I left home at 18. And well, this 4th year is already shaping up to be the craziest one yet...

The main new crazy thing in my life is that I found out last week that I'm going to be teaching ART 105 - Color and Design this semester at BMCC. The timing was a little weird because I literally found out AT the airport as I was heading out of town. So I had to miss the first class, but there wasn't much I could do on such sort notice!

It's a four hour studio class, so it's going to be a really big challenge for me. But I'm excited to come up with some cool projects and to try and make it a fun class. I went down to the school today to fill out tons of paperwork and to check out the classroom, etc. etc. It was really surreal to see drawers labeled "Professor Longstreth." (!!?!) I'm developing the syllabus now and the first class meets on Thursday. Wish me luck!

On top of that, I'm scrambling to catch up with my Papercutter progress. I fell behind while in the Midwest, as I knew I would. There's also another big project I have to find time for this weekend, but that is top secret...

And of course, once my class gets rolling along and I finish off some of these projects, GABE arrives on the 27th and we immediately start looking for a new apartment. Moving in New York again??? ACCCCCK.

During the final weeks of my last semester at Pratt, when everyone was totally stressed out, my painting teacher Mark made a comment to the effect of "You know, life doesn't get less stressful after you graduate. You will just get busier and busier." We all sort of thought he was joking, but now I'm totally seeing what he means.

While juggling 9 classes can be a bit hectic, it still all falls under the umbrella of "SCHOOL." Now it feels like I'm juggling "COMICS" "ILLUSTRATION" and "TEACHING" each of which has its own subset of things I need to remember and keep organized and work on.

I guess it's good to be busy, eh?

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Hey, Zane is gonna be a student at BMCC in the Spring! But he is gonna be a Science/Biology major so you might not see him. Congratulations on securing a steady teaching gig!

Liz Sep02

Alec! Congrats on the job at BMCC! You can also totally call on me to help move! Just let me know when!

Tom Sep02

That's great news about the teaching gig Alec. You're going to make a great teacher!

Cam Sep02

Congratulations and good luck to you, Professor Longstreth!

Arlene Sep02

Thanks everyone! I think it's going to be great!

TOM - Gabe and I will TOTALLY call you on moving day. I forgot, you owe me one! ;)

Alec Sep03

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