My Dying Words

Mon 9/3/2007

I was telling Charlotte in Chicago that I hope my death is slow enough, or comes with enough warning, so that I have time to say my final words, which at this point, I want to be:

"Finally, I don't have to eat any more!"

I forgot to eat dinner last night, and then I didn't really feel like eating breakfast this morning and then I still wasn't hungry at lunch and for a few wonderful hours I deluded myself into thinking that maybe I no longer require fuel! But then I got a crippling headache, which I still have, even though I ate a bunch of food. Ugh!

Supposedly the weather was really nice this weekend. I wouldn't know, as I have barely set foot outside of my apartment these past two days. I will say that I am extremely excited to hear that things are cooling off a bit. It will be really great to finally put this horrible summer behind me. 18 days until the first day of Autumn! WOO!!!

But enough of my grumpiness, there are good things happening too! For instance, my friends Julie and Stefan just had a baby! (their THIRD) Rex Michael Grube. I only wish I could figure a way to get out to Los Angeles to visit them. Anyways, congratulations Grubes, and Rex, welcome to the world!

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my last words will be something like "of course i know what i'm doing."

Mine'll be "But there's so much I haven't eaten!"

Quite frankly I don't know where your body finds the nutrients it needs to grow such a dense and lustrous beard!

Arlene Sep03

this food thing...
can you hip me to your secret?...i'm a full on tub...

jason Sep04

you need to eat in order to keep your body healthy to reach your phase 7 lifetime pagecount goal!!!

...and CONGRATULATIONS on your teaching post!!! i've been bopping along in photoshop and indesign without any ?s so far--- it's a testament to your instructive powers :-))

stephanie Sep04

Rex is doing great. He thanks you for the welcome. And he kind of looks like his Gramps... he's already growing a moustache.
Alec, you really must figure out a way to come visit us. Our life is a constant soiree - we've decided to make our backyard a campsite since it lacks grass in a few areas. George (who started kindergarten Wednesday) is gearing up to begin painting his room: there will be a yellow submarine, a rainbow & a vampire. Goldie is taking dance classes and growing up and up. we are all great. so come on down

stefan Grube Sep06

"brain.... fag.... forever... ... hrnk!"

nate Sep09

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