Easy Come. Easy Go.

Fri 9/7/2007

This has easily been one of the weirdest weeks of my life.

For the last seven days I have been boning up on color theory, checking out books from the library, meeting with old Pratt professors, buying art supplies, filling out paperwork, looking at tons of syllabi, writing my own syllabus and mentally preparing for the ART 105 class at BMCC.

So yesterday I taught my first Color and Design class... and my LAST one.

It turns out that the "emergency situation" that required them to hire me at the last minute "resolved itself" and so my services are no longer required. I can't really go into any of the details here, but I will say that BMCC is handling the situation very fairly and I'm not angry or upset in any way. It is a little disappointing however, because it would have been a lot of fun to teach the class. It seemed like a great group of students. Ah well, next time!

Also, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I said it was "cooling off" in my last post. It was 87 degrees today, with some ungodly amount of humidity in the air. I am hating the East Coast right now.

My Papercutter #6 deadline is in NINE DAYS and I really have my work cut out for me. Maybe by the time I finally DO emerge from my cave things actually WILL have cooled off a bit! Fingers crossed...

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i'm sorry alec...
that really sucks...

jason Sep08

Ahhrrr. That sucks Alec. Oh well. I'm quiet certain you'll be teaching somewhere, someday. Looking forward to your Papercutter story. The whole issue actually... Think cool thoughts.

Cam Sep08

Darn it!

Well I'm glad you're not angry or upset. Life is too short. Good luck on your Papercutter project.

Arlene Sep08

what a bummer :-(( ...but you can use all that prep research to your advantage for your next teaching interview and walk in with a sample syllabus that will blow them away!!!

stephanie Sep08

ouch. maybe you could do an online course for us color-challenged and put all that hard work to use?? ha! jk

nate Sep09

Aww boo! Sorry to hear that!

Liz Sep10

Aww bummer dude. And here I was, pumped cause you would be teaching at the same school as my mom, which is all of like 3 blocks from where I work.

can I still call you professor longstreth?

laura Sep12

to the drawing board... away with you. sorry about the teaching thing brother... can't wait to see PapperCutter #6 though!

Thanks everyone! I'm okay with it, really. As my friend John pointed out, the preparation I did will no doubt serve me well at some point down the line.

Alec Sep16

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