Weezer: Album 6!!!

Mon 9/10/2007

I'm too busy to blog for real, but I had to pass along this recent news from Karl, over at weezer.com:

Weezer is currently recording their 6th album!

"It sounds as if the band has grown into a new land that they had previously only skirted around the edges of - a land where arrangements are getting adventurous, where song structures, lengths and feels are given plenty of sunlight and fresh water and allowed to grow into what the songs demand."

I know it's bad to get my hopes up, but I can't help it. Over the years there have been moments in Rivers's song-writing, burried deep in b-sides, or in live performances, that hint at his previous genius. The 5th album really seemed like a step back in the right direction. Is it possible that the 6th could pick up where Pinkerton left off? A boy can dream...

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This entry made me want to go right home and listen to my vinyl copy of Pinkerton! Maybe I'll do that tonight...

Liz Sep10

I bet it's gonna be all banjos...and Bea Arthur is gonna sing backing vocals!

Arlene Sep10

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