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Thu 9/27/2007

I once again called upon Aaron to lend me a hand on Tuesday, to pick up Phase 7 #012 from the printer. We thought about it and realized he has now helped me pick up P7 #006, #010, #011 and now #012 from various printers. We are old pros at it now and had a pretty easy time of it, though it is a lot of paper! Thanks Aaron...

Later that afternoon all of Gabe's crap arrived from Portland. Our mutual friend Jaime, and her friend Jesse, had driven it out in a Uhaul trailer (Jaime just moved to New York too!)

Then that night at midnight I sat down and started drawing my seventh 24-hour comic, which is all about my friendship with Gabe. I pulled an Eastman Variation this year, finishing 24 pages in 26 hours and 8 minutes. It was a long grueling day of comics making, but I'm pretty pleased with the end result. I'm going to let Gabe read it first, and then assuming he's okay with it, I'll post it online for everyone to read.

And speak of the devil, Gabe arrives TONIGHT. So it is officially time to start folding, stapling and hunting for an apartment with windows!!!

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Pretty soon it'll be the Gabe and Alec show! Weeknights at 8, check your local listings.

Arlene Sep27

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