Mon 10/1/2007

Glbbbbllaggggh. I am really tired, but I thought I should at least post something quick to say that Gabe is, in fact, in New York City.

He got in Thursday night, had a job interview the next day and then we spent the rest of Friday and this weekend wandering around all over Brooklyn and Queens looking at various neighborhoods where we might potentially live.

This move is going to be particularly stressful, as I am going to disappear for like 5 days of this month to go down to SPX and Gabe may or may not disappear for TWO weeks of intensive training, if he gets the job. Also those time periods could overlap in any number of unhelpful ways...

Anyhoo, I've started dismantling my apartment and we've begun digging through craigslist in earnest and will hopefully find something good. If anyone knows of any nice 2-bedroom apartments for rent, let us know!

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welcome to nyc, gcb!!!

alec--- you two might also want to check out alphabet city, around ave. b and c in the east village--- a little more walking to get to subways, but lots of beautiful new renovations there and prices are comparable to park slope and williamsburg rents :-))

good luck and see you at spx!!!

stephanie Oct02

Alec, don't you hate it when it is your birthday, and you're trying to keep a fairly low profile about it, and one of your kooky Canadian friends tells everyone by posting it in your blog comments? That can be so annoying.

Cam Oct04

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