Box Social @ Secret Project Robot!

Fri 10/5/2007

Hey New Yorkers, there is an underground comics art show called Box Social going up at the Secret Project Robot art gallery. I will have some pages in the show from my latest Papercutter #6 story. And there will also be pages from Aaron Renier, Liz Baillie, Matthew Reidsma, Alex Holden, Jon Lewis and lots of other awesome people.

The whole thing was put together by Julia Wertz and Sarah Glidden and the opening is TOMORROW NIGHT! It goes from 6pm to 10pm and I will be there, so come check it out! It's at 210 Kent Avenue, in Williamsburg, waaaaaaay at the end of Metropolitian Avenue, down by the river. I hope to see some of you there!

Sorry about the short notice, but the good news is the show will be up until November 8th! So you can swing by any weekend (from 1pm - 4pm) for the next month, to check it out.

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I will be there too!

Box Brown Oct05

Gah, me and my lousy prior engagements. Have fun!

Liz Oct05

i love this panel for this post.. for some reason, it really caught my eye. gimme my eye back damnit, longstreth!

nate Oct05

Ha ha, thanks Nate! This is the panel that I sent Greg for the back of the Papercutter #6 promotional postcard. I think it's pretty funny taken out of context.

Sorry about your eye! ;(

Alec Oct05

some pages? SOME pages? how about the whole fucking thing?! and it looks amazing by the way

Julia Oct07

and we're having another party at the gallery on the 27th. It's not so much as an opening as it is "come and drink free booze and/or hang out with a bunch of nerds" but everyone who can come should come!

Julia Oct07

Hey, I wrote this post BEFORE I saw the show. I had no idea you guys were going to post ALL my pages! And I'll be there on the 27th... hopefully with Gabe this time!

Alec Oct07

UPDATE: Matthew posted some photos from the opening in his Flickr Account.

And Julia did too!

Alec Oct10

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