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Fri 11/9/2007

The second part of my SPX recap appearance on Indie Spinner Rack is available for listening! It was a lot of fun recording these episodes and we talked about a lot of the amazing stuff that was available at SPX, so if you couldn't make it out to the show, this is a good way to find out about what you missed!

Also I wanted to tell everyone that Charlie and Phil are throwing a big party to celebrate their 100th episode of Indie Spinner Rack. It's going to be at Duck Duck at 5pm THIS SUNDAY (11/11) It's open to everyone, so come down and help them celebrate the big 1-0-0. They will be recording the episode LIVE on the spot so come out and make it one to remember! Also Julia Wertz will be tending bar, so wear your drinking shoes if you've got 'em!

The move-in is still progressing smoothly, though I took a break from it yesterday to get some WORK done! The second page of Basewood Chapter 3 is now online if anyone wants to check it out...

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Have a good time, brother... wish I could hang out but I guess I will just have to watch Dragon Ball with the kids instead (Lucy, my 2 year old keeps asking to watch it).

The page looks amazing... can't wait to see the finished project, but take your time and do it right... self satisfaction is crucial in such a large undertaking.

Be well.

Jewett Nov09

Thanks for the plug, Alec! I was pretty excited to hear my name on ISR! I'm even more excited by the pages of Basewood I saw you working on at SPX though!

Hey Alec,

Congrats on getting the DV Zine Boing-Boinged! Prepare for some unexpectedly heavy traffic.

Sarah O Nov10

I also would like to thank u for the props on the show. And thank u again for the Phase-7 issues from SPX, as well as that Papercutter cover. Now get back to work.

Neil Jam Nov10

Holy Shmokes! The Dvorak Zine is on! awesome. Hope everything is all clean. will be calling you soon

Stefan Nov10

Ha ha, yeah just CRASHED from the overload on our bandwidth (whoops!) I don't even know what BoingBoing is, but people seem pretty excited about it. Two major crashes in two years is pretty good I guess! I gotta go answer some Dvorak emails and fill some paypal orders!!!

Alec. Nov11

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