Back To Work!

Tue 11/13/2007

Last night I FINALLY unpacked the last box of crap and found a final resting place for the last of my stuff. I'll post some real pictures on my Flick account once we get an internet connection at home (hopefully later this week, please god!) but for now I am trying to get back to work!

In that spirit, I have posted page THREE of Basewood Chapter 3, which I finished inking last night. I've got a bunch of other projects in the works, but I think I'll talk about them more in later posts...

Also, as many of you already saw, The Dvorak Zine was featured on I have never checked that blog before, but I guess it is a pretty big deal, as it caused so many people to check our site that they totally used up our bandwidth and crashed the damn thing. This is pretty cool (the second time in two years!) but the timing couldn't be worse. There were a ton of emails to answer and PayPal orders to fufill, plus I am working with our hosting service to try and get the site back online, ALL when I don't have an internet connection! All I can say is thank goodness for my alumni access to the Pratt computer labs!

Lastly, Maris Wicks made some really hilarious drawings of me with a 1/4 lightsaber dropped into Star Wars scenes! (It's an inside joke from ISR #99 if you didn't listen... :) Click the picture for more!

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Your beard is gonna grow like kudzu with all that sunshine!

Arlene Nov13

the studio is looking good man... sorry about the lack of connection (hopefully that will be fixed as soon as possible). The popularity of Dvorák is awesome (ding!)... and the third page of Basewood chapter #3 looks great (the detail is fantastic).

The Star Wars goodness was a laugh and a half. Well done, Maris!

After reading your blog for a long time now - I must say that the image of you working next to that window is pretty wonderful. miraculous, even. a joy to behold.

Stefan Nov13

Alec, your new apartment looks cool!

Mindy Nov13

Ahh, a PROPER studio with Windows! Looks great Alec -- I'm jealous. My studio is crammed into a small 6 x 12 foot windowless room. Yesterday I spilled my lunch all over my chair (which appears to be the same model as yours), and I tried to clean it up with something called "Goof-off-The Ultimate Remover". Apparently I'm slowly killing myself from the fumes. Product contains Xylene. Xylene?!
Whatever. Enjoy the new space!

Cam Nov14

Your blogs reading level is Elementary School Level.


: )

WAM Nov15

Thanks everyone! Yeah, my new space is totally great! Wade, that's hilarious!

Alec Nov15

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