Internet Catch-up!

Thu 11/15/2007

A random wireless network magically appeared today, allowing me to connect my computer to the internet (HUZZAH!) So I have finally updated some long overdue stuff:

  1. I put some more pictures of Gabe and me moving into the new apartment up on my Flickr Account. It is pretty much all set up! We just need a kitchen table, a futon (which we're getting tonight?) and one other thing... Hmmm.... Oh yeah! BEDS.
  2. It seems that I forgot to make Phase 7 #012 available for ordering after I got back from SPX. Whoops! The "available in Mid-October" notice has been replaced with a "buy" button, for anyone who wants to order a copy! Also, the first printing of Phase 7 #010 sold out, but I am getting some more made this week, and they will hopefully be ready for ordering sometime next week.
  3. is back online!!!
  4. Also, as you can see here, I uploaded a new "Animal Alphabet" painting for the first time in SIX MONTHS. I have big plans for this series... I'm going to try and paint the remaining 12 animals by the end of this month and then compile them into a book. I'll also be selling the original paintings over on my yet-to-be-constructed Art Page along with some of my printmaking projects from Pratt.

I think that's it... Thanks "Nick and Rachel" wifi network!

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I always use "Network of Paul" to get my internet on.

Box Nov15 of Gabe and me... (not Gabe and I) - Mom

Mom Nov15

Fixed! Thanks mom.

Alec Nov16

the pictures of the the new pad are nice... and I am glad to hear that dvzine is back in action. The animal alphabet reminds me of a project I had in college. We had to create an illustrated alphabet, mine was all Alfred E. Newman in different poses and situations to make the letters... fun stuff, I think I still have it somewhere around here.

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