Mon 11/26/2007

Last week I got a Flickr friend request from Lindsay Sharp, who really is one of my favorite people on earth. I had no idea she was archiving some of her beautiful photographs in her Flickr set (including the one above!) I had seen some of her photos from Japan previously on her site but it felt really good to look back through her many pictures from the last few years of her life (including some REALLY old ones of her as a kid!)

Lately I have been getting overwhelmed by how amazing my friends are.

Especially after a weekend like this one, where a whole stream of friends came through town. Sure, I have a bunch of cartoonist friends, but I also have friends who are photographers, healers, filmmakers, scientists, musicians, set designers, writers, teachers, parents, librarians, carpenters and all other kinds of amazing things. I just feel so so lucky to know all these incredible people.

And I don't mean to downplay my comics artist friends either! They are probably the most mind-blowing of the bunch! When I am hanging out with them I am constantly in awe of how smart and funny and talented they all are. I love thinking about getting older and visiting them years from now and drawing with them, or how cool it will be someday to think back at how many amazing people were crammed into one little room in New York City.

Anyways, LIFE! It feels good to be alive. Thank you to all my friends for enriching my life. I only hope that I can be as good a friend to all of you!

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great post... friends are paramount and often times we certainly take them for granted... enjoy the now, appreciate it always.

Jewett Nov27

Hooray! I feel the same way and I am glad to include you in the list of awesome amazing people I know. Yay! Everybody wins.

Liz Nov27

Hooray for friends! I feel like singing the Golden Girls theme song to you now: "thank you for being a friend! down the road and back again...something something youre a pal and a confidant...!""

Sarah Nov28

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