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Fri 11/30/2007

I feel like I have lost the thread of this blog, which is a bit disconcerting, because... isn't this thing supposed to be where I keep track of what's going on in my LIFE??? Don't get me wrong, things are good. But I it feels like I keep waiting for things to "settle down" and maybe they just aren't going to do that...

Ahh, maybe I'm just a little out of it because I have been sick as a dog for the last three days (UGH). The timing couldn't be worse, because I have also been working like crazy trying to finish up some big projects... But more on that later!

For now, I thought I'd let everyone know about some cool things I will be involved with, which I keep forgetting to plug:

1) I'll be doing sketches and giving away some PHASE 7 comics at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Holiday Party here in New York City. It's December 10th at The Village Pourhouse from 7pm - 11pm, though I guess it's only open to card-carrying CBLDF members? Well, sign up and swing by! You'll be helping this great organization defend first amendment rights for the comics community!

2) A few months ago I was asked to teach a workshop up at The Norman Rockwell Museum in conjunction with their amazing new LitGraphic comics exhibit. (That link goes to my buddy Marek Bennet's blog entry about the exhibit, because he really lays out all the wonderful things involved with this exhibit, and because he is the guy who recommended me for the workshop!)

Anyways, I'll be teaching "The Business of Art: Self-Publishing Your Comics" Workshop on Sunday March 1st from 1pm - 4pm. I am going to do my best to CRAM as much information from my last 5 years as a self-publisher into those three hours so if you are in the area, please sign up! It should be a good time.

3) The dates have been announced for MoCCA 2008! It's June 7th & 8th here in New York City and I will be there hocking my wares with my stalwart tabling companion Greg Means, of the indomitable Tugboat Press.

4) I've also been invited as a special guest at the Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 20th - 22nd, 2008 (?!) I think this is a big super hero convention, but there is a whole "Indie Island" section where I will be tabling with a bunch of my other minicomics friends. The organizers are super friendly and I think it is going to be fun!

Okay, I think that's it... More soon!

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I was just reading up on the Gordon Lee case again today, so it make me proud to know that another creator is supporting such a worthy cause.

Is there any chance you will be recording your talk at the NRM? I would love to hear that presentation... Sara (my wife) and I are constantly talking about how cool it would be to move to NYC... I feel like I miss out on so much goodness being in the Midwest.

I am about 95% sure I will be at MoCCA this year... be cool to meet you in person.

I would love to go to Heroes but it is more likely that I will be tabling at Chicago (though there are rumblings that could change that), which is the same weekend. I know of one of my friends who is taking the trip down there though, so you never know.

Stockbridge is one of my favorite places in the US. I love that you can go and tour through Rockwell's little studio barn. I hope it's open when you are there in March. That should be a blast.

Also I agree with Andy. The CBLDF is very worthwhile. Wish I could attend either one.

Cam Dec01

any chance you would ever think about coming to chicago for wizard world?

Hey, the Norman Rockwell Museum isn't too far from CCS. you should stop by!

Robyn Dec03

I saw that you were on the Indie Island website. Heroes is one of my favorite cons. BRING PRINTS AND SKETCHES AND ART. Minis sell okay, but for some reason Heroes attendees buy mostly what they can put on their walls.

This is gonna be the best HC EVER!

I agree completely about how friendly the organizers are. The best! Besides seconding that emotion, I wanted to point out that the Chicago show is actually the weekend AFTER ours--I mean their--convention. I've heard reports that we are also one week cooler, but that could just be the Internet talking.

Andy - I'm not sure if the NRM workshop will be recorded. If it is, I will let you know!

Zack - I don't think I would ever table at Wizard World unless someone asked me to come. Seems a bit too "mainstream" for PHASE 7...

Robyn - YES! We should talk about the scheduling of this. I would love to come up to CCS again.

Chris - Thanks for the tip!

Dustin - HAW!

Alec Dec08

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