Rocking Out Against VOLDEMEDIA!

Sun 12/9/2007

Does anyone remember like a WHOLE YEAR AGO when I drew that Harry and the Potters album cover for one of my illustration classes? Well, at the time, I sent it off to Joe and Paul, just because I was excited about it, and I thought they would think it was cool.

Then, a few weeks ago, I got an email from Paul, saying that they were putting together an online wizard rock compilation album for The Harry Potter Alliance and did I want to do the cover? ( Y E S ! ! ! )

This was basically a total DREAM illustration assignment for me. 1) I get to draw a bunch of characters from Harry Potter 2) It for a really awesome cause and 3) I now get to kind of be friends with one of my favorite bands!

For those of you that don't know, The Harry Potter Alliance tries to get people involved in good causes by drawing parallels between the wizarding world and our "real" world. In this case, the comparison is being drawn between giant corporations controlling the media and Voldemort having control over the The Daily Prophet and the Wizarding Wireless network in Book 7.

The Alliance has joined together with to try and spread the word about an upcoming congress initiative (on the 18th!) which would allow big media conglomerates to own even MORE radio and television stations. This threatens diversity in our media and weakens local communities! Read more about it and let your senators know you oppose the FCCs plans!

Anyways, you can download the whole album for FREE, and print out your own copy of the album art (there is a back side too!) over at Check it out!

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Sweet! I remember seeing you draw this at Duck Duck. The final version looks really good!

Liz Dec10

UPDATE: Check out this YouTube video with my cover in it!

(and THANKS Liz!!!)

Alec Dec10

awesome work, good sir. I happen to be listening to all the books at the moment (got my hands on all the audio books). I have read them all at least twice (some as many as 4-5, I read from the beginning everytime a new book came out to refresh the story) before and enjoy finding new things everytime I do. Anyways... what a great piece, well done.

Jewett Dec13

Thanks Andy! Oh man, those Audiobooks are AWESOME. Jim Dale is the best audiobook reader EVER!

Alec Dec13

Yeah I have loved that guy since Hot Lead and Cold Feet (Disney live action movie)... The original reader of the audiobooks is pretty good as well though.

Jewett Dec13

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